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When it comes to pantyliners, the 1st brand that comes to my mind (and yours I'm sure) is CAREFREE. I've been using it for years and I could say they really know what girls need. They've perfected the art of making girls feel fresh, confident and comfortable, even if we had to visit the loo often. They have a new campaign/project and it's amazing!

Something fresh arose from the most unfresh place in the University of the Philippines, Diliman. On the morning of September 18, 2012, an uncanny restroom of white and pink, suddenly emerged in the UP Sunken Garden, and greeted university girls on their way to class. For 4 days, girls got to try the freshest restroom yet complete with air-conditioned cubicles, hand dryers, bidets, a touch-up section, and vanity mirrors. Adding to the ambience are pink and white futons, design rugs, poster art frames, orchids, and a garden view made possible by its chic glass enclosure. It was a tricked out restroom every girl would want to own – it was the CAREFREE® Fresh Room.

Why would CAREFREE® do this? “When it’s hard to stay fresh, CAREFREE® helps!” Bea Bravo, CAREFREE® Assistant Brand Manager, said about the campaign. “If they can’t go back to the Fresh Room, we want girls to know that they can keep that “just-washed”, “morning fresh feeling” all day by using CAREFREE® panty liners. That way, the waning freshness, uncomfortable feeling, and unpleasant smell in their intimate area could be prevented. They can be their best all day, and have that confidence to make the most of their every day.”

Girls were each given a pack of CAREFREE®, as CAREFREE® Ambassadors answered their questions on proper feminine hygiene.

Hey it's pretty girl Colleen Garcia!:)

To drive their advocacy further, CAREFREE® is giving schools a chance to win a P500,000 make-over for the worst restroom they can nominate! All students have to do to win is to start wearing CAREFREE® liners daily to stay fresh, collect the empty CAREFREE® packs, and submit them to Johnson & Johnson (Philippines), Inc. The school with the most number of points per pack wins!

At the end of the day, it’s about making a fresher world for girls—so that they are everyday confidently CAREFREE®.

Watch this video!

Thank you Carefree for this unique and lovely package!

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