Garden of Oz

Ending my blogging streak with an outfit post! Told yaaa. Hihi. It's 6am and I'm still awaaaake. Took me a while to finish packing (I am such a slacker) and I'm now catching up on my favorite TV Series. Also waiting for Ariel, our angel who cleans our apartment and who I often send out for errands to arrive. Last minute errands before I leave for Cambodia later! Woot. Will be blogging from there! Hope the wifi's working. Anyhoo, I'm also currently raping the google search button in my quest to find the perfect dress for Karylle for the upcoming Star Awards. She wants a formal short dress. If you have suggestions let me know! I'm totally spacing out now. Hee. Here are photos from Bazaar for all Seasons!
 (photos by Kelly)

(photos by Niche)
Romwe garden dress, Lorrein Lara glitter pumps

Jhajing spike bracelet, Aldo watch, Anagon love & skull wire bracelets

Anagon kitty headband

so comfy and so pretty pink pumps from Lorrein Lara!

I feel like a princess in this pretty dress and pink sparkly shoes! Lakas maka Dorothy from  Wizard of Oz! Haha. This dress reminds me of the 50s so much. It even has a tulle skirt underneath for that added pouf. And this shoes is surprisingly comfy. I wore this til closing and it didn't hurt my feet so much. I mean of course you'll feel discomfort after taking your heels off,  but this one is a keeper! Here's a sneak peek of our kalokohan that day...

 with the crazies Ana, Arnie, Kelly and Rovie

Okay gotta go! I literally fell asleep with my elbows on the keyboard for 5 minutes. I'm also done watching the latest episode of How I Met Your Mother. Time to snooze! Have a great great day:)

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  1. Pretty! Love the dress! And all your anagon accessories!!! :)

  2. Really love your dress and your pretty shoes!! :)

  3. Love your dress, hun.. and I love love love that kitty headband. Where can I get one? I'd really love one.

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    xx Love & Aloha


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