Okay, so I'm onto my 3rd blog post tonight. Wooot. At this rate, I think I'd be able to finish my backlogs by the end of the week. Including my pending giveaways! So stick around for those. :) I will also, always end my blogging streak with an outfit post! Complete with slight ramblings. Hehe. Spent my weekend in the company of blog friends and of course Mich. So excited to share with you what transpired at Araneta's Dress Me Up event where Ana and I won! Hihi. We also capped off our Saturday singing (also jumping) along to The Fray's heart wrenching songs at Araneta. Ana, will send you the photos tomorrow. Too sabaw to edit now. :/ Anyway, here are photos from my All Soul's Day overnight stay in Marikina.=D

ayos ayos hair! hihi
Clothepedia top, Next Jeans shorts, Bell Charms earrings

Extreme Finds bracelets, Esprit watch

Therapy Bags bucket bag

Primadonna rainbow wedges

 Wasn't able to go home this weekend. I already miss this cutie!

Some of the stuff I got the past weeks:) Still haven't taken photos of my other packages though.
cute arm candies from Braids & Bonds! Thanks Rica!:)

 functional new bag from HEDGREN! Thanks Andrew!

new accessories from SM! Thanks Diane:)

lovely items from the Freeway x Botong launch

Saladbox! Loving the pillow mist and lip/cheek stain!:)

cute bracelets from Melody Accessories. It was nice meeting you at the Bazaar for all Season!

That's it for now. Have an awesome Monday. Traffic free I hope. We all can dream. =P Keep safe!


  1. Puti ng kilikili! Haha. Love your top!:)

  2. Ang blooming mo Pax!!! ♥ Homaygad!

  3. you have great stuff!! follow you on bloglovin.. :) great style too..

  4. Thank youu Aisa! <3 I'm so happy seeing you wearing the top -Clothepedia


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