Cambodia Day 3: Temple Run + Survival Tips!

Verniece and Bianca asked me earlier if I reenacted the famous game Temple Run in any of the temples. Now why didn't I think of that?! Tsss. I'm sure riot yun. Oh well, next time. Our 3rd day in Siam Reap was the most deadly. Photos below plus some important reminders and tips when doing whole day temple tours! Read on...

 Banteay Srei

1.) Bring Sunblock. Lots of it! Apply before you leave and reapply during the tour. Remember, you are visiting ruins, meaning open temples/spaces, meaning not much (or none at all) shades!

I brought 2 bottles of Sunplay! Mich and I love this brand coz it's not sticky (since it's water based), it gives enough coverage, it's highly effective (I usually get 2 tones darker 5 minutes after direct sunlight exposure, but that didn't happen during this trip!) and they even have SPF 130! Ewan ko nalang kung masunburn or umitim ka pa nian ha. 

2.) Just Tuktuk your way to the ruins! Hotels or travel agencies offer vans or cars as service, but Tuktuks are waaay cheaper and more legit. Hehe. We paid $20 for a whole day tour (from 9am to 5pm). :)

And this is how we roll! In a moving sofa! Yeaah. That's our friendly guide/driver Mr. Bing:) I almost cried when he dropped us off at the airport and when we finally had to bid him goodbye. I'm sure nateary-eyed din sha. Hehe. 

Different modes of transportation: tuktuk, buses, vans, cars and even bikes! I don't know how the cyclers do it. The temple walks are enough to tear my ligaments, what more if I bike. Gawwd. 

3.) It's important to get a TOUR PASS. We got the 1-day tour pass for $20 each. 

You cannot enter the temples without this, unless you got possessed by a character in the game Tempe Run, then go dash away. Heh. But all temples have checkpoints and they do check (never falters!). 

Proof. Haha.

Oooh, but I do think if you have enough Outbreak Manila experience, making a dash is actually doable! Hehe. Kidding. Get a freaking pass. It doubles as a memorabilia anyway.

4.) Read maps. Or ask your driver or guide to decipher it for you. Haha.

Why? Coz it could save you time. You could plan your tour and visits if you make the maps your reference. I tell you, Angkor is HUGE. Hopping from one temple to another could take 20-30 minutes. I was even able to nap in between! Haha. Our journey from the main entrance to our first temple stop took 1 hour.

5.) Wear very light clothing and comfortable footwear. If keri nio mag swimsuit goow! It's that hot. I wanted to take off my top na and walk around in my Wacoal bandeau (ayun oh plugging na naman). But I'm sure the gods wouldn't like that noh?  Haha. Alsoooo, it's all in the shoes! I suggest you wear Shulong. Naks. But seriously, Shulong can withstand all the climbing and the excessive walking. Or you could always wear boots if peg nio si Lara Croft. Hee.

tiis ganda pako nian. after outfit photos hubadera na ang peg! at Banteay Srei

 my outfit from temples 2-5 haha! Stolen shot of me just trying to keep still and enjoying the shade. at East Mebon

6. Bring an umbrella. Or not. Your choice. Hehe. But it did save Mich's life! Haha.
 at Bantay Srei

7. Bring water to constantly hydrate yourself (death by heatstroke).
 at Angkor Wat

Bottled water is just $1 per bottle. Pwede na yan. There are some vendors who asks for $2! So remember my post, $1 lang yan! Hehe.

8. For girlys, put very light (if not totally zero) makeup on (tunaw din yan agad 1st temple pa lang hehe). Bring a hydro face mist to instantly feel refreshed! 

 gusto ko lang kau imbombard ng fez ko. To my hater, this is for you! Suck it up. (at Bantay Srei)

9.) Be wary when taking photos inside temples. You never know when you might be doing an offensive pose! You are after all on holy grounds (for them). Just think of your churches. I heard a guard ask a tourist to erase some photos in her camera coz of her pose. You can do it in secret though! Hehe.

i really hope you're just pointing Mich. Hehe. at Tah Prohm

10.)  Unless you're a HUGE history buff or an Archaeologist, ogling over ruins for 1 whole day is enough. I heard a foreigner say that a 3-day temple visit would make you wanna kill yourself by hitting your head on the rocks. Heehee. See photos below from our 1-day tour. Temple visits in chronological order! Start from the farthest or south and tour your way up/out!

Banteay Srei
i wanna cry at this point. ito palang nakikita naman ha. hehe.

look at the details. wooow.

endless wooow.

Banteay Srei means "Citadel of Women," and it is said that the reliefs on this temple are so delicate that they could only have been carved by the hand of a woman. The well-preserved relief carvings on the central buildings depict scenes from ancient Hindu tales.

 makes me wonder what's behind that door. the carvings are amaziiiing.

East Mebon
a kind hearted tourist (who looked like my former American boss) took our photo! Thank you!

East Mebon is a 10th century temple built during the reign of King Rajendravarman. It stands on what was an artificial island at the center of the now dry East Baray reservoir. The East Mebon was dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva and honors the parents of the king. Visitors looking out from the upper level today are left to imagine the vast expanses of water that formerly surrounded the temple. Four landing stages at the base give reminder that the temple was once reached by boat.

his manager said no buy, no look daw! sungit.

 buwis buhay pose! haha

 it's surprisingly cold inside the temples. kay dun kami tumatambay hehe

 look ma no hands!

 absolutely stunning:)

Commercial Break! Lunch Muna. Hehe.
Total is $14 for our whole meal!

 chili = sili

Ta Prohm (my favorite!)
oooh love the dramatic entrance hehe

a long walk inside. it's a great walk though.:)

All we ever did inside was this...
stare in awe

more staring 

stare again

more stares

and touching! it's bawal to touch though, so do it quick. Hehe. 

Ta Prohm was founded by the Khmer King Jayavarman VII as a Mahayana Buddhist monastery and university. The temple's main image, representing Prajnaparamita, the personification of wisdom, was modelled on the king's mother. Unlike most Angkorian temples, Ta Prohm has been left in much the same condition in which it was found: the photogenic and atmospheric combination of trees growing out of the ruins and the jungle surroundings have made it one of Angkor's most popular temples with visitors. 


As of 2010, however, it seems they have undertaken a more aggressive approach to restoration. We noticed numbers written on boulders like a huge jigsaw puzzle waiting to be solved. The temples are slowly being claimed by the jungle, so they're also trying to remove some trees. Cranes are all over the place, as well as wooden walkways, platforms, and roped railings blocking some of the previously famous postcard photo opportunities. It's all good though. Anything to preserve this magnificent heritage site!

looks familiar???
  10 years ago, Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft was also here!

 Can you see the metal cranes by the window? They're there to keep the rocks from crumbling and falling apart. It makes me sad:( 

inside the temples

Not sure if you've watched my video documentation, but here it is again!:) 

I have to cut the tour entry short coz I have to sleep now na. Have a shoot tomorrow for Madhouse Manila and I need to rest, or else d kakayanin ng concealer ang undereye circles ko. I also have to edit first my video documentation of the last 2 pinakabonggang temples (Bayon and Angkor Wat) so I need more time. Posting tomorrow promise! It's gonna be worth it!:)) You can check out Mich's version/summary muna:) Click HERE to read it. 

Hope to see you too at the Shulong event at Trinoma on Sunday! Our DIY sneakers would be on display and I'll be there with Ana, Sarah, Seph and Shai to judge their contest. See you? Have an awesome weekend!

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