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Hello, hello! I'm so tired right now (and I have a headache), been out almost the whole day! But I'm not complaining:) I'm just happy Mich was with me the whole day (yey to holidays!). Hope I can survive tomorrow though, it's gonna be one of the longest days of my life. Heh. Early morning (as in 9am) pullout tomorrow for Karylle, maternity client shoot after lunch, Philippine Fashion Week with styling friends til night, then halloween party with family and friends at night. I think I'm gonna go as a zombie. Wala ng ayusan. I'm sure sa haba ng araw ko achieve na yun by 10pm. Lol. All for the love of my craft! Speaking of craft, here's one brand who celebrates all those who are masters of their crafts! 

"Meister is more than a brand it's a movement and lifestyle. We Aspire to Inspire. We inspire everyone to be the Master of their craft."

I still can't believe they got me to represent their brand together with fellow bloggers Lissa and Camille. If you follow Meister, I'm sure you already know who their latest ambassador is! Welcome to the movement Mother Divine Lee!:) Anyway, I especially chose these outfit photos for this post because these were taken during our Bands Magazine shoot the other day. I didn't even feel the 7 hours that passed coz I was so happy. One of the best, if not THE best, so far! In the middle of the shoot I randomly whispered to Mich, "Isa to sa mga moments na I could say, I really love my job". She just stared at me like I'm a weirdo or something. Haha. But seriously, I was happy emo that day. I couldn't believe I was styling my favorite rock stars/musicians that I've been listening to since college! Who would have thought? Not me for sure! WILD. 

How am I a master of my craft? Here's my story. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I'd be a stylist, or a fashion blogger, or a watch ambassador. I envisioned my future like this: go to school, finish school (then take up masters or post grad courses), immediately find a 9-5 job (preferably in a bank or multinational company), die working. When I was younger my ultimate dream was to be a librarian, stamping due dates on library cards til I'm wrinkled and gray. Haha. But time changes things and people. As time passed, I discovered more and more my abilities, my true passions, my self. I took charge and became the master of the wheel I call life. With only my faith as light, I went after my dreams wholeheartedly, constantly praying for strength and wisdom. As I've said on my "The Good Choice" post, getting here was not a piece of cake. And, as I've mentioned in my "We Are All Legends" post, the secret to getting here is just by being yourself. Yes, just that. But if masama ugali mo, forget it. LOL. 

Well, that plus dedication and positive attitude and surrounding yourself with good people. Stay with people who brings out the best, and not the worst, in you.;)

Bench plaid top, Nick Automatic shirt, Next Jeans highwaist pants, Primadonna oxford sneakers

I can't even fathom til now the gravity of my "accomplishments". On the rare moments that I do, I feel tremendously humbled and maybe a little giddy. Seriously. Coz you know there are a lot of people who say the same thing but act the opposite. These people help me in a way by being my constant reminder to keep my feet on the ground. Humility is an important trait of a real master! Oh and having a high emotional quotient! Any person could excel in their chosen crafts, but those who feel for themselves and for others, those who focus more in attaining intangible success in life, are usually the ones who soar high. 

Rayban sunglasses, Therapy bags bracelet

Segue, can I just say I don't normally wear oversized watches but this one got me hooked! This is not even a sales talk. Just telling the truth!:)  I wear it whenever I want to feel more confident or happy coz it's a real headturner. It also suits my craft and lifestyle coz it's waterproof and durable (good! I'm so clumsy), functional (it also displays the date which is perfect coz I always forget) and stylish! Friends, let me know if you wanna buy I can hook you up with them!:) Collections below...





Diver One

Special Editions

Take your pick! What Meister watch suits you best? Hope you already joined  the movement!:)

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  1. i love how stylishly laid back you are here, ate aisa! :)
    you also remind me of arissa of monoxious.com :)

  2. So proud of you! Glad you felt that sa styling sa music icons! :) And oo moremore EQ lang talaga! :) Hahaha! Mwah!


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