A Taste of Thailand: THAI BISTRO!

I think most of you already know how obsessed I am with Thai food. If I could, I would go to Thailand and take home a Thai chef to feed me delicious Thai food all my life. But of course this is just wishful thinking (haha), luckily I've found the next best thing... Thai Bistro at Robinsons, Magnolia! Together with some blogger friends, we tried out the relatively new resto to discover for ourselves  the reason behind all the positive hypes. Photos! 

with Thai Bistro's gorgeous owner, The Chef in Stilettos, Ms. Cecille Chang!:)

Love the interiors! These works of art came all the way from Thailand!

Chef Cecille welcoming us and giving us  a brief background.:) With her is my loves Shen who invited us!:)

Shen ordered for all of us. Then the food came one by one...
Tom Yum -
Soooo good! You have to be particular with the spicyness though. This was mild but it made me cough hehe. 1 bowl is not enough!:)

Soft Shell Crab Pomelo Salad
Made of green papaya, basil and soft shelled crabs.

Milk Tea
So goood! This is just perfect coz it soothes the tongue from all the spicy food!

Lemongrass or Pandan Iced Tea. Sarap!

 Mieng Kham
This is one of my favorite dishes from the bunch! It's just an explosion of flavors. There's shrimp, ginger, nuts, chili, basil, special sauce, and you roll the leaves when you eat it. Chef Cecille mentioned that she grows the leaves used for this since this could only be found in Thailand. Wow!

Prawn Rolls (minus the prawn coz this was made especially for the vegetarian Ana):)
This is very similar with Vietnam's fresh spring rolls. I love the sauce so much! It's made of patis, lime, chili. Super addictive!

Forgot the name but this is Fish in special sauce. Love it!

Pad Thai
I've tried quite a number of Pad Thai's and truth be told this one has got to be in my Top 3. I love how it was delicately wrapped in a cage like egg! Hehe. 

Black Soft Shell Crab
Ordered this again when I came back with Mich. It was cooked to perfection and I love the sauce!

Satay - so tasty!

I wasn't  able to take photos of the other dishes but they were equally good!!! DO NOT FORGET TO ORDER THE KAFFIR GARLIC RICE. Made it all caps coz that's how delicious it is. Haha! Rice lang ulam na! Swear. I could eat one whole plate. We were also able to try their Curry dishes--both red and green--and  they didn't disappoint! 

Then came dessert!
Thakoo Thai
Tapioca pearls with coconut milk. Wasn't able to try this out, ubos agad!:(

Wasn't able to try this too but I'm sure it was awesome!

I wanted to try the Ice Cream but it was gone in 60 seconds! Haha.

ended up eating this Halo Halo-ish dessert. Love!

with Thai Bistro's supervisor! Thank you for being accommodating! He also attended to Mich and I when we came back to dine:)

Happy diners...
Mother Shen, our host for the night! Hehe

Beauty and Fashion bloggers unite! Over katakawan. Hehe.

with the clingys Ana and Sarah. Hehe! 

Marj, Earth, Paul and Shen

very very simple Iphone case of Marj. Wahehe. 

group pic! I had to face the camera coz I had a bad case of stiff neck that time! Can't mooove. Hassle.

I am never gonna be an expert food blogger. But I'm a certified foodie! Believe me. Hehe. And I could really say this has become my new favorite restaurant! Overall ha. Not just in the Thai food category. It was such a pleasant dining experience-- the food, the ambiance, the service, the prices, the servings-- complete package. I immediately came back a few days after and even Mich gave her seal of approval! Can't wait to go back!:) 

Thank you Thai Bistro! Thanks Ms. Cecille!

Thai Bistro is located at:
Ground Floor, Robinson’s Magnolia Town Center
Aurora Boulevard cor. Hemady St. Quezon City. 
Open from 11:00 am-12:00 am.

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  1. Wow!! The food looks good and very scrumptious!! Were they affordable by the way? :)
    Too bad we don't have this restaurant here in Davao. :(
    - xoxo, FRANCES


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  2. Bagong hairstyle! Hihi

  3. thanks for the good review.. so proud of THAI Bistro :)))


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