Dipped in Dots

Just a quick outfit post before I sleep. Have to wake up early coz Papa Paul is picking Sarah and I up for our meeting with Rayban! Woot. Will share with you our project soon:) Will also post more kwentos tonight, that is if I still have energy. Will be spending the rest of my afternoon in Paco Park, styling Mich's officemate for her prenup.:) Anyway, here are outfit photos! Taken during our epic Tagaytay weekend at Sonyas Garden c/o Fitflop! Will blog about that soon. 

Primadonna pink top, Thrifted polka cardigan, Nita Clothing shorts

Unica Hija black bangle, Therapy bags white bracelet, Kandi Treats chain bracelet

So Fab glitter loafers

I won't even try to explain how I put this outfit together. I'm too sabaw na. Haha. It might look hideous or maybe over the top (?) to some of you but I like it and it's me!:) You all know how I obsess over anything polka. Heh. Thank you Cheyser for lending me your camera! And Ana for patiently taking my photos!

Bloopers! Wahehe
surprise! haha
wait yung shorts ko...
ay may eps sa likod! tss.

Have an awesome weekend! And always remember, you are all amazing. Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise. :)


  1. Lovely! Reminds me of connect the dots! So cute and dainty.

  2. Love the photos! Cute ng bloopers hihi love your outfit too :)

  3. Great photos and outfit as well! Haven't really thought dots-on-dots (ano daw?) would work, but this one looks adorable!

    Daphne of Metamorphosis

  4. Hahaha sorry na lahat na kinunan ko pati pag fix ng shorts, trololol! Ganda talaga sa Tagaytay! Namiss ko! Kesho si Bumble Bee crossbreed Ipis namiss ko choznesss! ;D

  5. I am crazy for POLKA too. You look cute. Lovin' the cardigan! :)


  6. love the polka dots!!! i really like this outfit Ms. Aisa!


  7. Love the shorts!!! I am crazy over polka dots too! Can't count how many polka clothing I have! LOL! You are soooo cute Paxie!


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