100: Manila Hotel x Francis Libiran Pre-Gala Show

Hello friiiieeends. Working on my backlogs. Yes, yes, baby steps. Hehe. I've been on my laptop since 1am (it's now 5am), but I can't seem to find the right "drive" to work on my posts. Haay. Okay that's random, anyway, I still feel bad (I wanna bang my head on the wall bad) I didn't go to Francis Libiran's Gala Show at Manila Hotel. Saw photos online and they only made me feel more sorry I missed it. The dresses were all exquisite I wanna cry, and everyone looked dashing. BUT, I was able to go to their exclusive pre-gala press launch so I guess it's okay. Starting this off with my outfit that day! I had 2 events and a meeting so I had to wear something that could last me through the night. Haha.

Mango top and skirt, So Fab loafer heels

Love this lion necklace I bought from RUCKUS!!! Lakas makayaman.

loveliest heels eveeer. From So Fab:)

Going back...Manila Hotel has turned a century old and they chose the highly talented genius designer Francis Libiran to showcase his creations as a stylish celebration. Francis joins the ranks of top Philippine designers Ramon Valera, Pitoy Moreno, Ben Farrales, Ceasar Gaupo, Auggie Cordero, Patis Tesoro, and Inno Sotto, who exhibited their works via fashion shows in the prestigious hotel. This was also the first time Manila Hotel turned their lobby into a runway! Francis Libiran's first ever fashion gala is the hotel's tribute to the evolution of Philippine Fashion.:)

Paul doing I dunno.

I love Manila Hotel!

Date #1: Tracy Ayson

Date #2: Ana Gonzales

Date #3: Some blogger. Haha joke! Paul Ze Pr Guy

so regal this cafe

The Q&A started while lunch was being served. It was such a lovely set-up. Well, it was only fitting for a lovely and world class designer!:)

THE Francis Libiran! 
The lovely and bubble Ms. Rikka hosted the event

Dr. Enrique Yap, Francis Libiran and Mike Carandang

Mike Carandang, the show's producer, helped Francis with his international career. As the producer of America's Next Top Model, he asked Francis to produce several gowns for the show and he was able to do it in a short amount of time. To cut the long story short, Tyra loved his work so much that she wore his design on a red carpet event and she now emails him for new designs. Wow.

a sneak peek of his first gala collection. Gandaaaa!!! (photo grabbed from Tedrick)

Paul and Tracy won in the raffle!

they won TRESemme products!

They even gave away Francis Libiran gowns that day! Too bad Ana and I didn't win. May nagsuggest kasi na gawin nalang Q&A instead of raffle. HMP! Titanic and Iceberg moment. My dream gown down the drain. Hehe. So I just took it out on my fancy food. Heh.


the American Idol boys and girls were there too! Didn't see Jessica Sanchez though.

Okay, sun is almost out. Snooze time! Congratulations again to Francis Libiran for a very successful show! I dream of the day when I finally own one of his wonderful piece of art. Who knows? A girl can dream and dreams often come true. *pixie dust!*


  1. purrrty!! i love the black and white gown! *drool

  2. I love the chocolates! Yum :) Ganda nung SoFab loafers :D and Shempre yung nagsusuot!

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  4. Wooow! Jealous! Love love love Francis Libiran! And I love your outfit. Bagay sayo ang clean cut :P Super pretty :)


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