Stars & Stripes + BRGR Project Taft

Spent my Saturday with blog friends as we dined over stories (for almost 4 hours!) at the The BRGR Burger Project (Vito Cruz, Taft) then bonded more over free beer and street food at the LEE Shadow Play event held at The Collective. For some reason, I cannot stop eating that day. Lol. Here are photos from our eventful Saturday starting with what I wore!

 Thrifted onesie top, denim shirt & boots, Bubbles flag shorts

(l-r) Bedazzle beige & orange bracelet, Wear Mauve ombre bracelet, Kandi Treats chain bracelet

Yes, I am aware there's a run in my stocking. I planned to buy a new one from 7-11 but I got lazy and Mich said it looks like it's part of my look anyway. Owkaaay. Had to wear stockings with the literally short shorts or I might get harassed considering I commute. Love the design so much that I had to wear it as soon as I received it! Paired it with my newly thrifted striped onesie (with snap crotch closure thank God!) and a denim shirt as substitute for a blazer/jacket since it was drizzling yet still hot/humid that day. That ends my explanation. Haha. So here's where we spent the longest amount of time that day!

The BRGR Burger Project, Taft. My friend Ruben invited me again and a few blogger friends to check out their new branch which is actually a franchise. So you Taft people you, this is the perfect place to satisfy your burger cravings!

love the interiors! para akong asa polly pocket. hehe

busy counter

Ana, Arnie and Ava with their DIY burgers! How? Refer to my 1st BRGR Project post!:) (click2)

sides-- onion rings and mozarella sticks! super yummy & worth it for the price. nagutom tuloy ako.

them being bloggers. haha.

And here are the designer burgers!!!
a break down of the designer burgers

Bleu Buffalo

French Lick (i cannot get over the name haha)

Tokyo Pop

Western Bacon Melt

Itallian Stallion (ate this! they had me at pesto sauce, haha)

Sloppiest Joe

our happy table! Me, Gersh, ava, Ana, Arnie, Athan and Ruben:)
latecomers Sarah and Paul!

shorts story!:) we're both wearing Bubbles!

designer burgers!

Thanks Ruben for being the best host (naks haha). BRGR Project is really synonymous to good time/friends time! We always end up talking and eating for hours, mapa Taft or Maginhawa! Go for a well deserved burger fix! Now na!:) 

bffs? haha

trio outfit shot haha

mandatory field trip pose! We miss you bunsoy Dani!

so anong ganap ko sa banner naman? haha

we love The BRGR Project!

BRGR: The Burger Project Taft
Ground Floor, The Grand Towers
760 P. Ocampo St. (Vito Cruz) Malate, Manila


  1. great combo!!and the burgers looked soo tasty!!

  2. nahawa ka na sa owkaaay ni nikola! hahaha, haba ng legs and hair! thrifted pala your top, looked nrand new and super nice :)

  3. Wahaha dami kong tawa with "that ends my explanation"! You na talaga girl! Give na! Hahaha love youuu ♥ Very very badass with this look. Shhhmexyyy!! Thank you sobra for the fun BRGR Project ganap! I owe you bigtime!

  4. Tawang tawa parin ako sa pics hahaha :D And oo nga tama Arnie benta yung that ends my explanation hahahahah :D

  5. Love your outfit, especially your short! I would love to try this but im never in Manila, as in never!


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