Nope, not my hair! But Thread Manila sent me a cute pair of ombre shorts which I couldn't resist wearing 5 minutes after it fell into my overly eager hands. Lol. Anyway, posting an outfit I wore a week ago. Quick post muna coz I need to sleep as in now na! 9am calltime tomorrow. Gaaah.

Thrifted top, Thread Manila ombre shorts, Bazaar belt, Kandi Treats bracelet, Fab Manila bucket bag, H&M flats

Also asked Mich to suck it up and pose, all because of this shirt I got from a Bench event.:)
Bench polo shirt, Get Sole sneakers

That's all. Shooting the whole day tomorrow! Lord, give me strength and coffee. :) Hope you're all having an awesome and productive week! Next week, Ana, Mich and I will head to Sorsogon for a mini vacay + charity trip. I've never been to Sorsogon, so if you have suggested places to visit, food to taste, activities to try, hit me up!:) Oh, and if you have books to donate please let me know. My email is at my right sidebar:) Thanks and laters.:)


  1. Pretty outfit!! Love the shorts :)


  2. Sexyyy!! Haha love your bag and shorts, tey!! Gondo forever. Wow naman si Mich uma-outfitey too!! Kyot niyong dalawa ♥


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