Myrtle Sarrosa for LOLITA

Last Thursday was another one of those national events day. Haha. But since our friend Paul has his own event, which he worked on for weeks, we all agreed we'd take the role of supportive friends. Haha! I'm not sure if you guys know, but Paul is the CEO of a PR/advertising (tama ba Paul) company (although they're more on the creative side). Anyhoo, the event is still at 5pm, so we decided to drop by at the CROCS event first. Will do a separate blog entry on that soon.  Ako na madami backlogs. Ugh. Anyway, here are photos from Paul's successful event, the LOLITA launch at 55 Events Place!

(some photos grabbed from Yana and Carissa)
have you seen this cute teaser? cute noh?

very very sweet 16 or debut lang!
love how the place was decorated! tamis lang haha

We always spend time with Paul, I guess he was taking notes whenever we comment on press launches, coz the food was overflowing! Yes guys, just feed us and we'll turn into angels. Lol. Anyway, after raiding the buffet table, Bestie cornered us and asked us to participate in their mini fashion show. It was on the spot but we were happy from the abundance of food, so we all ended up saying yes. Haha! I was the first to walk. It's still, as always, awkward for me.

I did a mini courtesy before walking trip trip lng

Walked with my girls Ana, Sarah, Arnie, Tracy, Helga, Carizza, Rovie, and other girls I didn't know. It was fun though! Another one for the books!:) 

After our mini cat walk, Lolita's new endorser was finally introduced, and it's none other than brainy cosplay darling Myrtle Sarrosa

 Watch this vid I gabbed from OrangeMagTv! Can you spot us? Bida si Arnie and Tracy! Haha

 Her "I Stand Out" ad campaign was finally released too!I love it!
(click photos to enlarge and for the scent's descriptions)

Some of you might be asking, why Myrtle? If you still can't get why...here's why! Fresh from her win from Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition 4, Myrtle is the true embodiment of the Lolita girl. The 17-year-old’s charming personality and quick wit go hand-in-hand with the many playful sides she is known for. There is a Lolita scent for Myrtle’s every whim: audaciously floral with CALI, fresh and breezy with FANTASY, delicately warm with CHICK, tutti frutti with FAIRY, flirty femme with ROUGE, and simply saccharine with her favorite, COSPINK! Actress, host, recording artist… as this talented teen cutie keeps adding titles under her belt, Lolita will stay her BFF fragrance through it all! Gets? It was as if the product was made for her! 

Up next, awarding of the most fashionable ladies that night:) Watch the video below from OrangeMagTv!

Okay, I didn't expect to win! Well, cge na nga, I was hopeful. Haha competitive. I really dressed up coz I wanted to win something! I decided to dress the most Lolita way I can, but in pastels. Haha. Thank you judges, thank you everyone. Charot. Won a Canon digicam which I'm loving right now! It's the best substitue for my Olympus cam.  Congratulations also to Rovie, Bianca, Carissa and Ana!:)

Love her Topshop dress!!! And okayyyy, love her na din. She's so adorable:)
Ana and her huge box holding F21 GCs worth 10k!

Next: Q&A with Myrtle and Paul (oo kasama sha haha)

Myrtle with host Janine and PMPC Communication's Managing Director/CEO Paul Chuapoco!
her favorite is Cospink!
more more nice words from Paul to Myrtle:)
More fashionable people!
Kelly, Niche, Mikki and pretty girl!
Arnie and Keigh

me and Yana! She's the same person who fixed my blog's sidebar! Thank you babe!
with my bebe Bianca!
with Arnie, Tracy, Rovie and Bianca!
fashion bloggers;)
hello Kaiye!
with my favorites Bestie and Niche!
with Denise of Simone's Closet

Since we all ended up loving the new Lolita girl, we couldn't leave without taking a photo with her:)

us with Myrtle who was such a darling:)
Congratulations bitch este Paul for your very successful event!

Lolita is available in all Watsons, Mercury Drug, Robinsons Supermarket and Department Stores nationwide.

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  1. Ayan eh nanalo ng camera kakabili lang. Sakit sa puso!! </3 Hahaha congrats tey! Dami kong tawa sa video jusko!! Hahahaha!!

  2. congrats sa bonggang canon camera prize mo! :D grabbed the group photo pala ha, hihihi, will credit you :D

  3. I love our photo together girl! :) ikaw na swerte that night to win a camera! :) can't wait to blog my Lolita launch also! :) see you soon!:)

  4. Awww... It looked like a really fun event! Ang sad talaga, hindi ako nakapunta... TT__TT

    Every one looked stunning!!! ^__^

  5. naalala ko pa. lumusong sa baha + bagyo si papa p para sunduin si myrtle. kaya pala. hehe congratssss, guapa friends! i misssss yew all! and see you soooon, ais ais baby!




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