Here's what I wore on our last day in Ilocos! Slightly had a hard time in this outfit coz I forgot to bring my mandatory cycling shorts or half slip. I also felt kinda disappointed, will disclose why on my next post. So here's me walking along the old Crisologo street (or Calle Crisologo) feeling all vintagey while imagining a million things. It was scorching hot that day but I was smiling all the way. :) I felt kinda special and different (but never out of place) coz everyone was in their most cliche tourist ensemble-- jeans/shorts and shirt with slippers/flats. Anyway... here's me!

Heir Clothing top, Wardrobe Check skirt, Accessorize polka shades

Kandi Treats bracelet, H&M hat & bag

Shulong printed sneakers

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“Real museums are places where Time is transformed into Space.”  Orhan Pamuk 

Love, Pax

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  1. Last photo's my fave and your top too.

  2. Vigan! Haven't been there pero I would really want to. Great outfit as always! See you soon po!

  3. Sarap umoutfitey dyan!! :) Gondo mo girl! ♥ Nakisama weather when you guys went to Ilocos. Yehey!

  4. Ang ganda nga naman mag outfitey jan! :) Sarap mag byahe nakakamiss!


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