Speed of Light

I am so sleepy right now. I'm currently watching Pretty Little Liars (missed some episodes) while blogging, emailing shoot credits and researching for pegs. Multitasking at it's best. Haha. Anyway, spent almost the whole day yesterday at the Mega office. Styled again for Celebrity Living's upcoming luxe issue this time, which I'm totally excited about! Always fun seeing familiar faces as I walked through the hallways of one of the Philippine's fashion magazine royalties. Then I thought how incredibly fast time flies, 2 years ago I was just a regular employee cruisin' Emerald Avenue's busy sidewalk, as I (with close work friends including Mich!) take a breather from our 9-hour office job. This is where we always dine and where we hang out over stories and coffee. I remember spending a lot of time at Mcdonalds Strata, the same building where Mega is, with work friends! I was also a regular of that mini park beside Strata where Coffee Bean is now located. I would often go there with my close friend and office mate Lily (hi Lils miss you!) every 4am, coffee on hand, just to stare at the sky, dream and sometimes nap. Haha. Anyway, sabi nga nila YOLO, so now I'm here freelancing to death but happy. Told Mich that after all this, when this becomes too much (fashion & blogging), it would be the time we leave for Singapore. My bestfriend Cecille has been ready since last year! Haha. I miss you sis:) I promise, soon. :) So anyway, here are photos last Saturday! Spent with family and friends. Bliss.:)

ang taas ng araw d kinaya ng eyelids ko
Reinvent sequined Guns N' Roses shirt, Thrifted jacket & shorts, F&H studded oxfords

Bell Charms tassel earrings

Hedgren backpack

I've been itching to wear my newly thrifted leather jacket but I never really got the chance, so even it was sunny last Saturday I decided to risk it (bipolar weather and all). Good thing we were in the mall the whole freakin' time or I would have died of heat stroke or excessive sweating. Lol. I love how my Hedgren bag matches my whole outfit! Bonggels. Love the size too, it's just perfect. Not too big/bulky and not too tiny. :) 

So here are photos from that day when I met up with Clariza (a reader/blog friend for an interview for her school project), dinner/coffee with blog friends, cousin's birthday party. But before all that, Mich, Ana and I, decided to unleash our inner child by squandering our time (and Mich's money lolol) at Timezone!!! Haha.

this is the best among the rest! Played 3x and got the highest score! Booming.

swaaag. haha
the pukpok game. sakit sa hand ah!
chips ahoy
caricature! kyooot!

dinner with Clariza and blog friends Paul, Kira, Ana and my bebe Mich

head shot. haha
thanks Kira for the photos!
GF haha
thanks Iza for the suprise gift! Natouch naman ako! Parang proposal lang tuloy peg natin dito. Haha
thanks for this again!:)
hope you enjoyed and sorry for our kakulitan!:)
with Ana, Mich and Iza;)
Iza with Paul and Kira!
in Paul's car singing! Not spilling what songs. Wahaha.

Happy Bday RJ!!:)
hello Ate Mhe, Nowee, Kakai and Kang!
hello neighbors, cousins, friends! Wild! haha

Spending time with friends and family is the bestest evuuur. Excited to spend the weekend touring Ilocos! Advanced birthday trip. Hope the weather cooperates. I will of course document our vacay and will share it with you. I know you love posts like that and I love sharing them with you, as always. :)

 P.S. Also got this in the mail last Sat...

Unionbank annual report feature shot by THE Wig Tysman! Thank you!:)

 P.S. Repost from my Blog Archive-- speaking of past jobs, saw this poem I made years ago out of boredom at work! Kalurks! Hahaha!


I am at work.
I am bored.
I am sleepy.
I have music playing,
But even noise can't bring me back...
to unsleepiness.

I am at work.
But I am 1 pc.
I am alone.
So cold, So lonely, so bored.
My mouth is bored.
My tongue is frozen.
Can I scream?
No no no no no
Because Lola's at the other side.
With a list of noisy and lazy girls.
or potential candidates for kick-out.

I only have Mich,
But lo and behold.
There's a green wall between us.
Oh no, Arnold's my other half..of the wall.
Okay maybe not.

Mr. A is here.
But so what? He doesn't talk.
He's like a mime,
or maybe a bee when he's wearing that giant headset.
I turn around,
and he too is gone.

My ym's quiet too.
Since the Row 4 extended's awfully quiet--
Semi-work, Semi-chat, Semi-yawn.
Vian said, "Save me"
She's drowning of sleepiness.
I can hear her yawn from here.
Or maybe that's me after all.

Where are you Row 4 girls,
when I needed you?

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  1. And that is where Drowning Equilibriums started, AMEN! Hahaha! Love the stories, parang kelan lang sila noh.. Ano kaya ginagawa kong kaemohan habang nakatambay you sa strata or nagsusulat ka ng poems, hehehe ;)

  2. super love the look!!! <3



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