Ilocos Trip Day 2: Kabigan Falls + Beach

Here's Day 2 of our Ilocos trip! It was a day spent reconnecting with one of my original love, nature. :) I really miss my UST Mountaineering Club family! Oh the good old days.:) Anyway, here are photos!

After our hearty breakfast at a small carinderia, we then headed straight to Kabigan Falls. We had to trek for 30 minutes before reaching the magnificent falls. :)

yes, ako lng naka jacket at naka japorms. LOL
more more lakad. tiis ganda pa din sa jackey!
my shulong!
hookup! hehe yiheeee
HHWWSG - holding hands while walking sa gubat
tapang tapangan! but seriously, this was so much fun!

hello beautiful:)
haha stress
thanks ate!
parang evian spray ang effect, more more wetness. lol

Didn't go down na or went near the falls coz we were not gonna stay long anyway. The water was also wild that day (strong currents) coz it rained the whole night. So we just waited for the others to wrap up their picture taking session. While waiting, I passed time by making impromptu Nature Spring water ads. Laugh trip! Haha. After a few minutes, we all headed back. Mich and I walk fast so we were really ahead of the others. Decided to make trekking more fun by playing music and dancing to it. Haha! Kahit may kasalubong kiber.

tuwang tuwa lang si girl
I was so hungry after almost an hour of walking, miraculously a small store appeared on the side of the road! Oasis in the desert lang ang effect! Fresh buko juice & bananacue break muna. It was amazing just sitting there drinking fresh juice with the sound of the river behind us as our background. Peaceful.:)

best break eveeer
the bagets posing, we just stayed in the van! haha. heat stroke
our lunch! we paid P200 each to have this cooked:) Yum
Finally able to bond and talk to these guys during our down time. Love them!:) Love how they're all working for different companies but are still super solid being friends since HS. :) I swear ang sweet nila to each other! As in the boys were so maalaga you'd think (I did for a second) there's something going on between them but wala. Super cute. I miss all my guy friends. :(

Come 4pm, they finally decided to swim. Mich and I walked around to find a place where I can take outfit shots, found this resto! It's a part of Hannah's Beach Resort.

after all the pagtitipid (with the tour group haha) we sneaked away and treated ourselves to meryenda!
The food was terrible AND pricey, but at least it was still a treat. Lol. The resort is also a mini park. You just need to pay P50 so you could get inside and take photos with figures like this...

But I didn't want to pay P50 so I just did this...

Keep of the grass daw!
headed down the beach
shadow play
Found the perfect spot to just sit, talk, admire the beauty of the place and watch the local kids skimboard.:)

they were amazing! they were all using improvised boards

When night fell, we then headed back to our hotel to eat and rest. Ilocos Day 3 soon!:)

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  1. Ang panalo is the buko juice after the trekking! :) Ang saya naman! :) And panalo yun ayaw mag bayad ng P50 haha :P

  2. Ganda. Love the photos. Made me miss trekking and mountain climbing tuloy. </3

  3. Sayaaa!! :D Bring me with you sa next trip mo tey! Singit mko sa bagelya!!


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