(Wrote this post yesterday!) Hey guys, I'm currently blogging in the dark. My sister and Ana are here, our apartment has become a mini evacuation/retreat center. Speaking of which, yesterday was our last day volunteering at Pino Kitchen packing cooked food that were distributed to displaced citizens affected by the nameless epal typhoon. I wanna say thank you to my blog sisters/friends who all came to help, all the food donors, Gabby Cantero for providing transportation for our meals yesterday (even if it's super last minute), Paul for lending his truck and car for 2 days and Moonleaf for the support and for sending over more food to cook. It was really a group/joint effort fueled by genuine love and concern for our fellow men, a truly humbling experience. But as Mich said, we could start helping without waiting for tragedies to happen. Anyone who wants to sponsor a scholar? Or donate books or school supplies? Or maybe free food in public schools? Sabi nga nila "Give him a fish and he can eat it in one day, teach him how to fish and he can eat forever". Deep db? Pero aminin totoo.

I wanna post photos of our relief experience but wag nalang coz Chef Ed of Pino and his team asked us not to tweet or take photos (they're humble and cool like that). I think they don't want people to think we're announcing to the world whatever it is we're doing. But of course if it was up to me, I would share them to the world. I think it's okay as long as your intentions are pure and if only to inspire others. If you're following me (and other volunteer bloggers) on twitter/instagram, then I'm sure you've seen some photos. Kiber na sa mga trolls (there were a lot of people on social media sites hating on people who posts photos while doing relief efforts, the fuq). Anyway, I hope you've all done your part in helping those in need. :) You can still drop off donations at Moonleaf!

Since I've hibernated for a few days (was super busy), I think it's time to make a blog comeback na. Posting an outfit I wore the same day the epal habagat hit manila. Got stranded in Greenbelt with Mich even after doing pullouts and watching Brave (which is amazing btw, you guys should watch it). 

Giordano chambray shirt, Cotton On cropped top, Wardrobe Check skirt, Thrifted boots
Bubbles envelope bag, Crave More earrings

I love how versatile this chambray shirt from Giordano is. I've worn it HERE, and this is my other way of styling it!:) The weather in Manila is very bipolar, so all I can really do is layer lightly. Wore boots that day coz I had to run around to do gown pullouts for Karylle, and also channeled my inner bomba star (lol) by wearing this pretty bandage skirt from Wardrobe Check with my cropped top from Cotton On (which I got on major major sale). I also seldom wear earrings, but this one is just too pretty to not flaunt! Plus, it's bagay with my new aztec bag from Bubbles. Hehe.

Ending this post with solid proof that I've been doing outfit shots since I was a baby. Thanks to my awesome photog Dad for the pic!
oo mataba ako non

 Hope you're all well and safe. More posts later!:) Have an awesome Sunday:)

P.S. New giveaway later tonight!:)


  1. paxie dear i love your skirt :) and ang sexy mo!

    Rovie, The Bargain Doll

  2. haist habang tumatagal paganda ka po ng paganda..bkit kaya..hehe love you po tlaga ms. aisa!!!:)

  3. This is the underground pass connecting G4 and G5 right? Hahaha I always said this would be a nice place for outfit photos kung gabi na/no sunlight available :P I love your skirt! And the bag! Cute baby pic ah!!! :D

    ♥ Megann of Style Surgery

  4. True yun! Ako ang wish ko padin maging teacher, but in a saturday school nalang for the less fortunate :) Sana mangyari pa!
    Love the outfitey, cool nga nun brave noh! :) Btw, I'll never get over you getting overrrrrr...Hahaha! Miss you!

  5. Cute outfit. I can't manage to wear anything other than black on these dreary days!


  6. So happy to spend those "packing" days with you guys!! The best kayo ♥ Haha gandaaa ng skirt Paxieness!! And oo na inborn ang pagiging fasyon mo! Give na yan! Love you forever!!

  7. So pretty! :) Good to know you're safe!

  8. Teh, bumu-blooming ka! Mishu! See you soon!

  9. love the aztec bag! :)


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