Rose Glacee

I am not a huge fan of roses. I prefer Malaysian Mums or Tulips over it. But roses had always been known as the flower for the romantics, the symbol for femininity, a floral royalty.  It could bring outmost joy or pain, it could charm and disarm in an instant. That's what Rose Glacee by Armand Basi, Prestige's newest fragrance, is all about! Here are photos from the very intimate event...

 Love the Prestige office, it's smells nice! Of course.
cute setup!

I'm also not a huge perfume fan (no thanks to my atopic dermatitis), so I am very choosy when using or buying perfume. But this one, I can use everyday! It smells divine and it feels light. Rose Glacee literally means frozen rose. That explains the rose shaped cap, frosted pink tint and opaque, glazed bottle. I also love the packaging! It's like a rose unfolding. Metallic in texture, fresh in appearance, it plays with geometry, mimicking the folds of a modern paper flower. Looks and smells like sweet spring. I love it.:)

all pink!

We then had a chance to interview Mr. Carlos Dogliani, the Regional Director for Asia and Latin America of Idesa Parfum.

The Q&A got off to an awkward start. No one wanted or was too shy to ask questions--well, except for bibong Paul (lol). But after a few minutes everyone loosened up and fired away! Our questions ranged from the product itself, the company, their other lines (including fashion), his stay here in Manila, his hometown, Singapore, Philippine market, China, Uruguay, Spaniards (haha), traffic, food, balot, etc. etc.! They were very gracious and answered each and every one of them. We were even served Godiva chocolotes! So fun. :)

Thanks again Prestige for having us!


  1. Looks like it was a lovely event!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style
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  2. Hahahaha cute mo talaga mag-caption, Pax! Palagi ako naka-ngiti pag binabasa ko side comments mo. Lol at Spaniards, hahahaha the best talaga kayo kasamaaa ♥

  3. Natatawa talaga ako sa question na tulips, sunflower, ganyan..Hahaha! ;D


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