Kashieca x JC Buendia

I finally met THE JC Buendia last weekend at Kashieca, Trinoma. I've been dying to meet him since forever. It was truly an honor! But more on than later. Will start with an outfit post wearing Sir JC's design!:) Decided to get this frog prince top as a challenge (haven't worn polo shirts for as long as I can remember) and because I already had a peg in mind the second I saw it. Lakas maka hamptons and maka bagets lang! Here's what I wore the other day to a meeting.:)

di prepared ang peg
JC Buendia for Kashieca polo shirt, Kashieca skorts, Primadonna wedges

I love the mini collar! You could wear it up without looking weird or trying hard. Wore it with this cute skorts (which the ates removed pa from the mannequin haha) that originally came with a leopard print bow belt. Didn't want to wear flats so wore these wedges from Primadonna to add a little height. Mejo buwis buhay nga lang coz I always trip due to the uneven sole. Anyway, this is what I'd probably wear if I'm still in school. Asa naman, I had to wear uniform my ENTIRE student/school life. Haha.

Anyway, back to the launch... I missed out on the first one (Greenbelt), so I said yes quickly when Lawrence asked me again. :) I got to the store a little over 4pm but I was still able to catch Mr. JC Buendia there. I was over the moon!:) He was super reserved and nice and was just smiling the whole time. We chatted a bit (we were neighbors once) and then proceeded to admire his collection. Nice meeting you sir and great job on the line!:) Thanks to my loves Paul, Ana and Dani for keeping me company. :) Nice seeing you Ava!

multi way top/dress/skirt
Love his collection -- smart casual and classic chic. Love the multi-way pieces! 

 Sir JC explained that he wanted royalty for his logo, but he didn't want to use just the crown coz we don't have royalties here naman. So he chose this cute logo, The Frog Prince, coz it stands for his being a hopeless romantic, just like most of us.:) Cuuuute!

Thank you Sir JC and Kashieca!

For more info and updates, visit http://www.kashieca.com/

Also dropped by Red Mango to say hi to Kira and Krissy. Met new friends and did Dani's famous field trip pose. Lol. Fun day!

(photo from Lemuel)

(photo from Svetlani)

Catch up with you guys later!


  1. I love the smart chic look of your mini skirt with the polo and shoes!

  2. cute polo shirt! :)

  3. Ang cuuute cute everything, your porma, the meaning of frog prince, the kids nun red mango partey nila krissy...CUTE CUTE CUTE! :) Hehe! Pati si Sweet Regards kahit wala siya dito sa post heheheheh!

  4. Great photos! Loved the simplicity of your polo outfit!


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