Forward March

I will be at the Supersale Bazaar later! Hope you guys could drop by and say hi. Promise I don't bite! :) Anyway, I had a pretty chill day today. Decided to stay in since I've been out the whole week. Had my nails done and then bought a few things for our apartment including a new garment rack! Yipee. I'm currently using our broken bed as temporary clothes hanger. Lol. Also, recreated my Status Mag Tea Party look! Shot via self timer on our rooftop (which I love coz it's so peaceful up there). Here's my take on the military trend (na may pagka hubadera ang peg lol).

 Thrifted Victoria Secret bodysuit, Wearelse Boutique shorts, Vise Versa parka jacket

Let me dissect my outfit (haha)-- I've had this bodysuit for quite some time, but it got buried in my closet coz I was waiting for an appropriate event to wear it to. But one day I thought, the heck, Ill just wear it anyway. I think it's perfect with this gold shorts from Wearelse Boutique! I love how the design of the top and the shorts kinda intertwine.

The parka jacket was everyone's favorite yesterday at the Vise Versa shopping party. I had to get it after everyone (everyone as in the chicest bloggers I know) okayed it! It's priced at P2k+ but I guess it's worth it coz you can wear this jacket in 1 million ways. Tried it already with dresses, top/skirt combo, top/jeans and it looks fabulous. 

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Hedgren French Wave Vibration bag

This stylish and functional bag is from Hedgren's French Fashion Wave Collection. I was surprised when they sent this coz I've always perceived the brand as sporty (if you know what I mean). Anyway, their French Wave Collection is a contemporary collection for women who know what they want. Thaaaaat's me! Haha. Love the curved wave design:) Thanks Andrew for this!:)

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Tangerine leopard heels

Chose this design because I love oxfords heels especially when it's in leopard print! Can't wait to wear this again. I can think of also 1 million ways to wear this. Heh.

Okay that's enough for now. It's 5am and I think I need to sleep a little. I'm gonna sleep my badtrip-ness away coz I broke my phone (well that took long). So instead of going straight to World Trade tomorrow I had to take a sidetrip to Megamall or MOA to have it fixed. Super hassle aaargh. I'm saying sorry in advance if I don't answer your calls or texts! See you at the Supersale Bazaar tomorrow guys. Hugs.:)

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  1. Awww sad about your phone but still, see you later!!! :)

  2. I went at supersale bazaar day 1. I was looking for you Ms.Pax. :( Hope I can attend the succeeding days. :(

  3. You look different here (in a good way)! Must be the hair. I love ze shorts!

  4. I love how you paired the bodysuit and shorts! They were simply made for each other. :) I'm an avid reader of your lovely blog, Ms. Aisa!

    - Em ♥

  5. Gondooo tey!! ♥ Haha stunner! :)


  6. Saw you at the Supersale Bazaar! I thought it was a romper :)


  7. I love your make-up here Pax, but your shoes are too die for!

    A Sister and Proud,


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