It's All in Black and White

I finally got my blogging mojo back! Inspiration came one day in the form of my newly acquired Olympus PL-1 camera. Haha. I convinced my blog bff Ana to buy one too! But more on that later...

With new inspiration came old ones too. As my favorite band Coldplay sang, "I'm going back to the start...". I will post random stuff as much as possible, just like 4 years ago when this blog came to light. If you read my 2008 posts you'd meet the slightly emo me! Haha, don't judge. I even wrote 2 songs (which my friends transformed into a song-- a good one actually!) and a few poems. Sometimes when I feel like deleting this blog or ultimately burnt-out, I just read back and it gives me perspective. I wanna say a humble thank you to everyone who took this crazy/beautiful journey with me. Hope you've all found your dreams, as I've found mine. Rooting for all of you. <3

Anyway, finally, here are new outfit shots taken using my Olympus PL-1 cam! I still edited the photos using Picmonkey.com coz I wanted a vintage effect. But as it is, photos doesn't need editing na.:)

Depaige Manila dress/top, Wade belt, Trunkshow satchel bag, Chickflick oxford heels

I'm obsessed with anything MOD or 60s inspired. So I squealed with delight when Depaige Manila gave me this dress:) So Twiggy. You can also wear it as a top!

 Soul Lifestyle satin mullet skirt, Schu booties

Accessorize polka sunnies, Kandi Treats snakeskin cuff

I love transitional pieces such as this dress which you could wear as a top! I could think of other ways to wear this dress, will share soon! Do you love this monochromatic look?:)

 So here are a few photos from last weekend...
 Yabu date with Mich

Blue nails from Beauty & Butter!

test drive. Heh.

If you're thinking of buying a nice non-SLR compact cam, THIS IS IT.  Wish I bought mine from Kimstore, it's cheaper by P7k! Well, mine came with add-ons like memory card, case, tripod, so keri na din. Lakas ko lang mag sales talk noh. Haha. 


Mich thinks I shop a lot. For the record, I don't (okay in denial lang haha). So when I saw this luggage at SM Depstore, I knew it was made for me. Naman. But Mich asked me, "luggage or camera"? Shempre camera na! So to appease her I told her I'd sell some of my things to offset the gastos. Thus the rebirth of my BLOG SHOP!!! I uploaded a number of clothes and shoes, so pls adopt them! Heh. A few people already sent their orders, so wag papahuli! Thanks beautiful people.:)

That's all for now. Have to sleep stat! Meeting later with the ETC peeps. Sarap lang ng tulog ni Ana (she's here hehe). Babooosh!:)

P.S. Shop my closet! http://shopdrowning.blogspot.com

P.P.S. Thank you Yana for fixing my right sidebar! You're the best!:))


  1. Love the outfit! And thanks for the Picmonkey tip. Panalo!

  2. i remember you were a bit emo nga before!joke!!!:))but i like it kc kht noon pa funny n tlga posts mo!:)

    1. dB??? d ko kinakahiya yun! wahehehe. thanks talaga for sticking with me ha.:))

  3. Love the outfit, Ms. Aisa! Sana kaya ko din siya mapull-off ♥ Ganda din ng camera! Thinking of buying a nice point and shot camera kasi super bulky ng DSLR ko.

    And ... you're always welcome :D

  4. Loving this black and white look a lot Aisa! :) Did you use the olympus camera while taking your outfit shots? :)

  5. i love the outfit :))) yay! excited for more outfit posts!

  6. Tanong mo kay Mich bat pinipigilan ka niya bumili dapat ng maletang yan hahaha :) Anyway, super but the pics! :) Minsan ishoot na natin mga nature nature backdrop ganyan :)
    Never get tired blogging for the likes of me, and yun nag bigay sayo ng necklace sa blenz, and selfless help like yana! :)

    1. mauubos na din te kaya binuy ko na! hehehe pero thank yooou!!:)) lamo na yan:)

  7. Yay bumili ka ng micro 4/3! :D Whenever I want to check out gadgets, I always go to Kimstore and DBGadgets. Compare-compare lang, ganyan. But Kimstore has a cheaper price on some items than DBGadgets. Enjoy your camera! Bili ka din ng lens, lol!

    1. tamuuuuh!!! d ko alam bat super mura!:)) buy na!:))

  8. Giiirl ang gondo lalo ng photos with your new cam!! :) So happy for youuu ♥

  9. Parang modern-day Audrey Hephburn :)


  10. Hi. Anong brand nung luggage? I like! :)

  11. Hi. Anong brand nung luggage? Super like! :)


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