Shape Up with JOCKEY!

I'm finally getting rid of my backlogs. Eto na yuuuun! Haha. Anyway, 2 weeks ago, I attended Jockey's exclusive press launch at Aria Cucina, Bonifacio High Street Central. When I got the invite, I got curious. Aminin na natin, Jockey has always been associated with Men's underwear db? But curiosity killed the cat, and off I went to the launch to see for myself their new products and of course the women's line. :) And because Jockey has been around since forever (over a century!), expect only the best.:)

Jockey knows how to make the ladies happy with their new line-- Shapewear! I likey!

it looks like a regular tanktop but noooo! It actually helps hide the bulges. Need!

my favorite, seamless undies! 

My favorite Jockey NPLP. It has silicon ribbons so it stays in place.

The new Jockey Women's Shapewear collection boasts of smooth breathable fabric that ensures a comfortably contoured fit. Its smooth laser cut edges help eliminate panty lines while fused panels provide maximum support and shaping power. The Shapewear collection includes a Reversible V-Neck Shaper (Php 999.75), High Waist Brief (Php 1199.75),High Waist Mid-Thigh Slimmer, Slip Shaper (Php 1599.75) and Plunging Moulded Cami (Php 1299.75)

 For the guys, sports microfiber underwear naman!

Meet Jockey's gorgeous new ambassadors!
my forever girl crush, Ornusa Cadness

Mia Ayesa

and of course Sanya Smith. They're all from the hot DJ'ing group The Zombettes!

"Satisfying the human need for comfort": :)

wasn't able to eat coz I was late:/

but I had fun with blogger friends:) Krissy, Earth, Ana, Paul

love this souvenir! mini mini jockey. wahehe

I still haven't visited Jockey, Market Market..but I will soon!:) So excited. I already have a list of things to buy in mind. Hehe. Thanks Kira and ARC PR for having us:)


For more information on Jockey visit http://www.jockey.com.ph/


  1. Thank YOU Pax for gracing our press launch :)

  2. Looks like a fun event!

    XO J
    PS giveaway on my blog here

  3. Wow it looks like you had a great day! :)
    Teenage Daydreams X


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