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I'm nearing the peak of my love for mullet stage. I've still got a few skirts and dresses to shoot though. I plan to wear them all before the month ends and then I'll probably give it a rest for a while (maybe til the fad dies down?). Maybe. So here's another set of photos fresh from the pipes (aka Kaye's camera). Taken 2 days ago during our Meg Magazine shoot at Marriott Hotel. I love the backdrop, lakas maka Singapore or Europe! Thanks Kaye for my amazing photos! Thanks too for helping me endure the 10-hour shoot! (thanks also to my bessy Jear and Kat). :)

tawang tawa???
 RPonline dress, Thrifted jacket & boots, Envy cuff, Anagon skull bead bracelet

This is the real color of the dress! I know I posted a photo on Instagram and it looked pinkish. I love this color though. :) I'm morena but it didn't make me look darker than other shades of reds or oranges. I also love the overlap design in front--not your usual mullet dress. Since we're shooting up and coming bands, I decided to style the dress in some other way and dress the part! Used my favorite belt which I bought from a store at the Superb bazaar and wore my favorite boots for that rock and roll-ish vibe. Also borrowed this cute hat from Jear. Hehe. Achieve ba? Hehe.

Will post photos of our shoot when it comes out! It was tiring but we had a lot of fun styling all 6 bands. They're all amazing and talented! :) That's all for now. Have a shoot later with some blogger loves for a Tokyo Fashion Guide Book. So excited! Catch up with you later my loves. Have an amazing weekend!:))

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  1. Love the ensemble of this outfit! :)

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  2. nice fusion of rugged and delicate materials.... kinda hard and soft, rock chick and girly girl.... and your 3rd picture confirmed you have your own wind system, hahahah!

  3. Fab fab fab tey! <3 Love how you wore boots instead of heels :D Made a great difference to the feel <3


  4. i LOVE this look! mullet dress added with a denim jacket!! i like!! haven't owned any mullet skirt/dress but now, I'm planning to do a DIY :)

    paint it stripes

  5. beautiful person in an amazing dress ;) - love it.

    greetings from Munich,
    Eros (www.HermesIsMyDad.com)

  6. Love this look <3

  7. the color of your dress is gorgeous. :) and your hat and belt makes the outfit especially charming!

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  8. I love the cut of the dress and I wanna grab that denim jacket!
    Let's follow each other! herartisticsoul.blogspot.com :)

  9. Loving the dress. I have a similar one from H&M and it is too similar except for the bottom part of the dress. Been having a problem on how to wear it since I look fat in it. You just gve me an awesome idea. Thanks :D

  10. I'm always in love with mullet skirts! wishing to pass that stage na! hahaha!


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