Denim Obsession

I will never forget how I'd frequent Giordano when I was in Highschool to buy their signature women's and men's shirt called Giordano Classics--the one with an embroidery of a tiny person on the right chest? I think that's the only shirt I wore (alternating colors) back then. I also remember how I'd save up just to be able to  buy their signature socks (coz the one from Marks & Spencer was super expensive)--the one embroidered with a white frog and came in packs of three? But most of all, I clearly remember how we all owned a pair of Giordano pants or shorts and how it stood the test of time! I owned quite a number of hand me downs from my dad! (yup he's that thin and I loved wearing loose pants back then lol).  Fast forward to now, Giordano has evolved, improved. The classics we loved may not be there anymore, but the denims they've been known for just came back with a bang! Anyway, here's what I chose from the store. Wore this to an eventful day! Thank you Giordano:)

thanks Ana and Reg for the pics!
 Giordano denim shirt and white pants

Bracelets from Jellybean (beaded tribal), Anagon (beaded brown skulls), Bead Shop

 Primadonna neon wedges

I wanted a fresh, clean look so I decided to pair my denim top with this white pants (1st white pants that fits me perfectly!!!). Opted to wear my super comfy neon wedges from Primadonna for a pop of color. :) The top comes in 2 other shades (darker) and the pants is available in other colors too. They have a lot of great basics in the store which I'm sure you'd all love. Even Karylle loves it!:)

(Karylle is wearing all Giordano clothes in the photos)

Do you love denim? What's your favorite Giordano item?:) Share!

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  1. i love your look! classy denim!

    what place did you take the photos?

    it's like l.a. street style

    and oh. the bag! you forgot to feature it. may i know where did you bought the bag?



  2. Yay!! I like your top!! :)


  3. Love this, tey, pati your hair!! :) Ganda mo! I've been searching for the "perfect" denim shirt, havey pala sa Giordano! ♥ Haha makadalaw minsan! :) Congratulations for styling Karylle, Pax!! Galing galing talaga :) See you soon!!!

    Arnie Villanueva

  4. You look pretty without bangs! :)


  5. I love denim! And I can clearly remember their signature shirts back in highschool! Haha! And I was feeling bad because all the members of my family were wearing Giordano pants, shorts and shirts, except for me 'coz their smallest size were too big for me back then. Haha! Giordano memories! Napaghahalataan ata age natin sis!!!

    Love the look dear! Classic! Btw, are Karylle's colored jeans the garterized one? :) Those were the only ones available na colored in the store I went to.


  6. really love denim!! was able to watched Karylle at showtime wearing the denim and yellow pants! i am planning to wear denim tomorrow, well of course my inspiration is K and of course, you! :) really great! :)


  7. Love this one Pax! The pop of neon balances the neutrals :)

  8. i absolutely love your shirt, pax! gusto ko din ng ganyan! haha :))

    toni pino-oca
    perfumed red shoes

  9. Amazing shoes! You're lovely :)


  10. i really like the clean-and-chic combination of denim shirt and white pants!! spiced with those uber awesome neon wedges!! CHIC!!

    paint it stripes


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