Palawan Photo Diary + Travel Tips

I know summer will be over soon, but I hope this post helps some of you who might be heading to the beautiful island of Palawan in the near future!:) I planned the whole trip and tried my best to lessen the expenses so we could all maximize our budget. This is my 2nd time to visit the beautiful city of Puerto Princesa (my 1st time you can read HERE & HERE) and grabe I'm so happy I was able to pull off the whole trip planning gig! Pwede na magtayo ng travel agency! They all went home delighted and itching to come back soon:) Let's start the journey!

Day 1 - Airport + Firefly Watching
whats so funny guysss
summer nails
my mom before her failed walking shot. lol
BOARDING!!! so handsome my Herschel backpack!:)

Booked everyone via Air Philippines! Got a cheap flight for P1,300 roundtrip. :) You also have to prepare P200 each for airport tax.

touchdown Palawan!

group pic!
Free pick-up service by Ysabelle Mansion! :)

the father and his bff - mr.san miguel. Lol
outside our room
our room
 For our accommodation, I chose Ysabelle Mansion coz they have a huge room that fits 8 people including breakfast. We only paid P3,200/night for the room or P800 per person!:) It only has 1 bathroom but they have a common bathroom outside that's clean naman. You can always force the boys to use that. Haha.

Went Firefly watching again after a quick dinner at Kinabuch. I forgot how much it was but it was definitely cheaper than my last Palawan trip with Mich. If you can though, choose a guide who looks young and smart (hehe). Our guide, the last time Mich and I went to Palawan, was amazing and well researched and prepared. This time I spent all night complaining coz I felt ripped off. Parang nagmamadali our guide to get us back and didn't really felt glad we were there. Haha. :/ 

Day 2 - City Tour + Underground River
hearty breakfast!
only took one photoe and wasn't able to see what's inside :/ maybe next time!
Made a quick stop at Binuatan Creations where we were taught how to make handcrafted bags and acccessories! I will definitely come back here the next time I go to Palawan. I'm still dreaming of that pretty handbag I saw but didn't buy. :/

Trying out weaving! it looks easy but it's hard as hell! Effort grabe! 1 million years before u finish 1 bag!
si ate chill na chill
the showroom. heaven!
laptop bags
tote bags for I think P150
took this home! perfect for the beach!
lakas maka postura!
this is it! this is the bag I still dream of. Heh.
mahangin sa labas te?
lovely houses at Baker's Hill where we bought pasalubongs!
with my bro

We then proceeded to Iwahig Prison & Penal Farm. It's a penitentiary where prisoners roam freely. Parang bakasyon engrande lang. It's like a huge compound or subdivision complete with stores and a church and houses! I heard some prisoners come back even after they're released to earn money by selling pasalubongs. In fairness, swerte the prisoners here para lang silang nagreretreat lang sa tagaytay.

where the prisoners roam freely. bakasyon lng!
minimum security compound
an inmate took our photo. bongga! haha
inside the recreation hall
for sale:)
we were lucky enough to catch the dancing inmates in action!:)
aliw na aliw lang si ate
thanks for dancing for me! chos
Miles, my bro-in-law, bought this shirt for P400. Lakas makastatement
Headed to the Crocodile Farm next! You have to be on time though coz there are tour intervals. Fee is P40 per person.

the chikas
skin & skeletal remains of a giant crocodile captured during the 1990's after it ate a child. afraid
tanks where baby crocs are nurtured. para silang nagsto2p dance!
and this is where THE BOSSES are! can you spot the big guy?
parteh parteh!
adorable bearcat!!!
which you can pet for P20.
mich and her new pe, table ang peg?
After the tour, you are free to wander around the area to check out other unique animals. Since were in a hurry we had to pass. Booo. Guests can also try crocodile meat sa canteen. NO THANKS.

sayang i didn't buy this!
We only paid P1,200 for the whole city tour (P150 each), not bad na!:) We then proceeded to the much awaited Underground River tour after!:) Instead of getting the usual P1500+ package per person, I just asked help from our van driver. He secured the permit for us a few days before we arrived for P150/person. He scheduled us at 2pm so we ate lunch first at a nearby seaside restaurant. Lunch buffet was P180 per person. We paid P700 for the boat that took us to and from the island where the underground river is located. Of course we also had to pay for the van. I think we paid P3k. It's still way cheaper if you add it all up and divide among the group.

waiting for our boat
i asked them to carry me coz high tide. Like a boss!. haha
cute ng bayawak (monitor lizard) noh! gapang galore lang sha towards us. Okay, I freaked out. Shet.
class picture
We had to wait for 20 minutes before walking towards the underground river waiting area. So many tourists that day! Look...

cirsologo daw oh! ikaw ba yan mich??

We went island hopping the next day!Just paid P1500 for the van rental plus another P2k for the boat. We decided to just have our food catered (c/o our driver, he has contacts) and paid P200 per person. :) It was still cheaper than the standard P1500 per person charge for Honda Bay tour.

you can rent snorkels and diving gears here!
our van! hit me up if you wanna get their contact details:)
our boat
bought this sachet sunscreen for P50! Pwede na for SPF 50
pandan island!
So we decided to just skip the other islands and headed straight to the nicest of them all, Pandan Island!:) This is the best place to do snorkeling coz the beach is gorgeous and they have shower rooms & pwede na toilets. We rented a cottage for P400. 

Headed straight to the airport afterwards. Bitin! But it was definitely a trip to remember. Always is whenever I'm with my fam. Our next trip: Singapore! I cannot cannot wait.:)


  1. wow!!!thank u for this ms. aisa..maraming tips na matutunan..and ur brother bakit ang puti nya po??ehhe..god bless po!:)
    xctd n po akong makita ka po ulit sa bu3!yahooo!

    1. kc d sha lumalabas ng house kakadota! hahaha. cu on june 2:)

  2. I love this post Aisa! This is big help sa'kin! I'll be going to Palawan this August at nakakuha pa ko ng tips from you!

    1. yey glad to hear that!!!:) let me know if you wanna get our contact's number:)

  3. Nice! I miss going on family trips... Very rare lang mangyari sa amin yun... =)

    BTW, cute ng sunscreen! Parang... P1/amount of SPF! La lang... Naisip ko lang... hehehe... =D

    1. haha at cinompute mo talaga girl ah!~wahehe

  4. Now I'm really tempted to go to Palawan already! :> I haven't had the chance to visit this place :(

  5. Where to find that SPF Lotion?

    1. bought it right before we got on the boat! sa stores lang there. But you can always buy from Watsons:) I suggest you use Sunplay din they have SPF 130!:)

  6. na miss niyo ibang island. mas ok magsnorkel sa snake island, mas maraming fish and malalim. pati yung sa Pambato reef. pero maganda sand sa pandan island. Check my Honda Bay DIY tour post for the photos.

    1. closed ang snake island nun sir! inaayos ata coz mashado na madumi or nasira:/ will check out for post! yehey!

  7. Looking at your photos makes us wanna go to Palawan now na!!:) Hihi. Nice photos dear.:) It looks like the whole family enjoyed the trip!:)

  8. nice ate aisa :) so much info.. kaw n ang travel agent at blogger.. !!!!:)

  9. nice ate aisa..so much info :) kw na ang travel agent at blogger

  10. This is very timely, Pax! The boyfriend and I just came from a little Ilocos trip and our next destination is Puerto Princesa! This is gonna be one of my references, thank yew! :D I'll tweet you na lang soon, hihi.

  11. great escapade :)
    ang gwapo ng bro mo ms. asia. hehe, sympre maganda din yung ate eh.

  12. Thanks for the post Ms. Aisa :)
    Somehow reminisced my visit there. Too bad lost some of my photos.
    Di kayo nag punta sa Dos Palmas?

  13. Great and excellent information shared. Amazing photos and good descriptive post that can help anybody visiting the places to get arranged the things. Thanks a lot.


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