Up The Secret Meadow

Here are some BTS photos from the prenup shoot I styled for in Cebu. I didn't have enough sleep and it was scorching hot that day (as innnnn death sentence) but I had so much fun! Photos! :)

We were supposed to shoot at a certain location, but the sun was nearly setting so we had to improvise. Stopped at a beautiful hill and shot the rest of the layouts there. It was gorgeous. It was hard avoiding the cow shits though. Lol. And at one time, I had to pee behind the bushes which was a major failure. Not sharing with you what happened. HAHA.

and then the wind blew towards me. Lol.
Can't wait to do this again. I miss you Cebu!

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  1. Now I want to fly kites. Haha! Great photos, and outfit too :)

  2. I'm going to Cebu on May! I miss Cebu! :D

  3. this shoot looks sooo cute. i adore your florals, the way your hair is and the bubbles!

    pandaphilia style

  4. Cebu misses you too! <3 you should stay here more than 3 days...for some serious ukay..hehe.

    where is this hill bah? is it in Busay?

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  5. Haha. Love this post.

    ...so, what happened when you tried to pee? ;p


  6. nyahahha.. i still remember the kite face plant. awesome shot.


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