Burger Fest at TOKYO TOKYO

Yup, you heard it right! Tokyo Tokyo now offer different burgers on their extensive menu and I, with other bloggers, were the 1st ones to see and taste some of them. I wasn't supposed to go to the event, but we had a meeting within the vicinity so Ana and I decided to go together. I'm glad I did! Here are photos from our crazy food day!

tambay at Le Coeur de France, Shangrila, fun kwentuhan plus food trip.

our rings! Mine from BUBBLES, Ana's from Singapore

After an hour, we proceeded to Tokyo Tokyo (just across Le Coeur) for the event... I strongly advise to avoid pigging out before any food event. Wag kami tularan, sayang! Haha. 

There was a maki making contest when we arrived. Fun!


 Food bloggers!

Opening remark and introduction!:)

Nomnom! Red iced tea & American Maki

American Maki made of spam and cream cheese. Yuuum

California Maki!

Ana looking cute and quirky, So japanice! hehe

 hello friends!

table mates and the bidang red iced tea! 

seatmates! Sir Azrael and Ms Lace!

And then the food came, nonstop!!! We had to ask for takeout boxes coz it was overflowing and we stopped on the 3rd burger. Lol. But I will only show you 2 of the Japanese premium burgers served to us coz the other 2 are not yet out in the market. So watch out for those! They're delish! Proof? Mich loved them.

 Shogun Burger - made of crunchy onion rings, cheese, premium beef patty and savory Tonkatsu sauce!

Shiitake Mushroom Burger - made of premium burger patty, shiitake mushrooms & teriyaki sauce

I had to leave for a few minutes to pick up my shoes from the So Fab store. Nasira my poise when Ana texted me that Daniel Matsunaga showed up. I semi ran talaga. Lol.

Yihee bagay lang. 

After announcing the winners of the 3 best in Japanese inspired outfits (they took home Muji stuff!), they all gave us a bento box to take home. Loooove.

snack for the night!

I missed 2 events for this but well, it was worth it.:) Would you try the new Tokyo Tokyo burgers?

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