Hongkong Diaries: The Peak & Avenue of Stars

My 2nd HK post! Sorry if delayed. :/ I was supposed to blog last night but I fell asleep while Mich was massaging me (had severe back and leg pain! Tanda ko na boo!). So on our 2nd day here, we visited Victoria Peak (3rd time in HK’s a charm! FINALLY got to see this place), Madame Tussauds and Avenue of Stars. It’s still cold here and we’re so loving it! It definitely makes long walks bearable. :) Here’s a photo diary, starting with my 1 million variations outfit post… Lols.

Thrifted dress & coat, Dorothy Perkins tights, Mango boots, SM surplus scarf, Greenhills gloves

Lunch at the MTR station
$50+ lunch--not very good. eek.

walked from Central station to the Peak Tram terminal
paid $195 for a 2-way tram ride + madame tussauds museum

bongga the outfit nila ate and kuya
went there at around 3pm, perfect lang coz d pa madami peeps
the train was at a 45 degree angle!!! coolio
We first went to the Madame Tussauds museum where we spent 2 hours goofing around and taking photos with waxed replicas of celebrities. Will save that for another post (too many photos!). Chilled for a few hours before heading down. :)

mahalia snack--$70 for the coffee and sandwich!
pero cge worth it naman the view:)
it was foggy that day--hit and miss if you tour during the cold months
wala pa din masight. boo
so cute this resto!
thank you rock, thank you self timer
After visiting Victoria Peak, we then decided to just tweak our itinerary and head straight to the lights & sounds show at the Avenue of the Stars...

self timer galore
mich got all giddy when she saw this Cuttlefish stand! hehe
happy with my red bean mochi we bought at the MTR station fo $12/pack. nomnom
epic fail coz it was foggy that night. Sorry but i got bored so we left after a few minutes. HEH

chungking mansions--not that bad naman pala
favorite station color--bright yellow haha
we love their street food!
my cheap dinner-- $20 for this veggie wrap + sausage with bacon on a stick
That's it for now! Will try to post another entry later. Have to head out now! Happy Sunday loves!:)

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  1. Oooh, if you like mochi, you should try this mochi ice cream found at their 7-11! The one in the blue packaging (Vanilla), 2 pcs/pack. Sobrang winner! :)

  2. Looks fun!!! Lovely outfits!

  3. Looks like enjoy na enjoy ka teh! :) Bongga!

    Melai of Style and Soul

  4. Pretty! I love your tights! xx

    The Niknok Style

  5. WOW Hyper! ang dami niyong activities :) Panalo outfit mo Pax, para ka tlgang barbiedoll swear! :)


  6. wow!!! it's so evident that you really had fun!!!! i'm loving your winter outfit Ms Aisa!!!! sna pwede mkapaglayer ng ganyan dto sa pinas hahaaaha!!! CHIC!!!!

    czarina :)

  7. When we went there in HKG, it was rainy..kaya di fulfilling yung Avenue of the Stars. hehehe. Sayang, and you really had fun talaga!


    xx, Kaze.

  8. Bongga ng locations, sis! :) Love your winter outfit! Enjoy HK with Mich!! ♥


  9. gusto ko talaga iyong mga travel diary mo, pax! :)

  10. I love how your red tights pop out of your grey ensemble! So chic! I'm jealous, I wanna wear winter clothes and layer them too!


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