Hongkong Diaries: Getting Here!

Hello Philippines, Hello World! Chos. Lol.  Going online is a bitch here in Hongkong (hotel only has wifi at the lobby and not much free wifi anywhere), hence the delayed post. Heh. Anyway, 1 day down (huhu) and 3 to go.  Mich is now sleeping soundly (complete with loud snoring hehe) in our room out of exhaustion. We walked for almost 10 hours today! I really didn’t mind it though coz I’m super loving the weather here. Feel na feel ko lng na winter. Anyway, here are photos from our first night her starting with my outfitey...:) 

 Chocolate Clothing tunic top & yellow cardigan, CFTG jacket, Greenhills leggings, Mango boots

 flew via Cebu Pacific!

bye Philippines!

train going to the other airport building. shushal

mini garden inside the airport. Bongga.

expensive Burger King dinner.  I paid 90hkd for our whole meal (P540)!

 we came with Mich's officemate Gaizelle!

airport express train going to the city ($100hkd)

 hello again Mong Kok!

And here's our room at Anne Black YWCA hotel...

It's decent enough considering the cheap price (compared to other HK hotels) but the wifi service suckssss. You can't even plug in your laptop to their sockets. That's all. Will try to post another entry tomorrow. Toodles!:) Miss you all!:)

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  1. We also had our first meal in HK at Burger King! Hahahh.

    Sharing my post: http://ruthilicious.blogspot.com/2010/09/day-1-hong-kong-vacation-peak-tram.html

    Oh, you stayed in YMCA, it is in Tsim Sha Tsui? Very nice location, near the city life :)

  2. I miss you Pax!! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  3. Weee. Hope you'll have a great time. :)
    Will wait for your next post. <3


  4. love ur jacket and that colorful top! xx

    The Niknok Style

  5. Wow! lakwatcha nnman pla kayo ni Mich! enjoy! :)


  6. Hi Aisa!=) Next time you visit HK, try riding the bus from the airport...super cheap! Half the price of the Airport Express or even less hehe it's super convenient (of course, if you arrive there during the daytime) plus the bus has wi-fi! Haha more money for shopping and sightseeing =))

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