Blogger's Bazaar Tips

OMG, just a few hours away before the biggest blogger event of the year!:) Just a quick post before I doze off. I still have a few things to accomplish for tomorrow. Those who entered my giveaway are on my list na! Also noted your requests.:) Just tell the reception peeps that you're under my list!

Anyway here are a few things you should remember:

1. The event is open to ALL! I get a lot of questions asking if the event is exclusive. I repeat, anyone and everyone (even the tambays sa kanto) could come!
2. Charge your camera or bring an extra battery! Camwhoring galore, I tell you.
3. Withdraw money beforehand. There are no ATM machines inside the school. Nearest  is Market Market.
4. If you can, bring your own shopping/eco bag!
5. Unlike the previous BU, sagana na tayo sa food stalls this time! So no need to bring snacks. Lol.
6. There are no tickets. Just approach the registration table and pay the entrance fee. :)
7. Don't forget to sign up sa registration for the raffle!!!
8. If you have maselan friends or family who can't make themselves wear pre-loved clothes, invite them pa din! We have a lot of bloggers and brands selling brand new items:) 
9. The whole place is airconditioned! So go wear your fur or whatever, I promise you won't die of heatstroke:)
10. No food/drinks allowed inside the hall! the food area is outside. :)
11. Come early!!! So you get first dibs on the best items! REMEMBER: the early bird catches the cheese! (kadiri yung worm eh).  

Bloggers United is in partnership with:

Treston International College 

Event is co-presented by:

See you all there (or miss 3/4s of your life). It's gonna be so much crazy and fun!:)


  1. waah,, excited. :D

  2. bonggang tips!!!yan ms. paxie!!!:))

  3. Reading this before going to BU2! Hahaha! See you Ms. Aisa!

  4. Natawa ko sa tips. Anyway, na miss ko to! :((
    I saw you dati pa nung fashion week (after the penshoppe show) but I think you were in a hurry so nahiya ako kita iapproach. :)

  5. I missed 3/4 of my life! :( too bad, i had only known about this just now.


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