Afternoon with the VIRLANIE Kids

One of the reasons why we organized Bloggers United, is to spread awareness and encourage bloggers as well as their readers or other people to get more involved in social issues and take part in positive social changes. I know you're all aware that there are a LOT of less fortunate people in this country, but have you really done anything to help other than say "awww"? Now you can. :) Well, we did. So that means you can too.:)

Last Monday, Ana and I went to a feeding program/Christmas party at Mother-Child orphanage. It is under Virlanie Foundation. The effort was spearheaded by the gorgeous Jane, the same person who organized the Fashion Rev bazaar. She just texted me one night asking if I can donate some stuff and possibly to join the activity. Of course, mabilis pa sa alas kwatro I said yes. I texted Ana and Melai if they wanted to go too. And here's what happened through photos!

so i was a few minutes late because I had to run to the groceries to buy stuff for the kids :)

wearing my red KEDS:)

volunteers were given name tags

Jane and super cute Jessica!

jane had to do something so she handed over jessica to me. she's so adorable:)

Ana and her alaga Sarah! 

with kayla and jessica

vicky (tama ba?) the bubbly host

i wanna take them all home:)

so pretty the volunteers! I think they're all models:)

opening remarks by jane:)

volunteers and moms

hay nako ang cute ni jessicaaaaa

trip to jerusalem

We were asked to hold as much babies as we can. I did my best :)

kuya the guitarist hehe
ana feeding sarah!:)

me feeding Jessica! she's an angel! andaling pakainin!

thanks ana for the pic!
i seriously wanna adopt her na

i fed baby adrian and he didn't want me to leave him na:) aww
so hyper!

And then the program/ gift giving started...
cutie pie Wowot singing "bakit ngayon ka lang" hehe

another kid who sang ako ay may lobo! about 4 other kids sang that. national anthem nila hehe

Bibles were given away too

class picture!

with jane and vick

the volunteers:)

One of the best days of my life. :) I couldn't lift my arms for 3 days but it was all worth it. The smile from the children's faces, the laughter, hugs and kisses were just priceless. I was also able to bond and talk to the mothers who left their children there (they have the freedom to visit their kids). Their stories, the children's stories broke my heart. I just wish these children grow up fearing God and be kind & loving human beings. Ana and I are already talking about going back. We miss our kids. :)

Ana and I rewarded ourselves with a decent meal afterwards. My 1st meal!
love the decorations!

so homey and cozy

cute table display--letters from diners!

award winning ensaymada. yum

my sardines w/ olives and oil (ewan d ko maalala!) pasta

tomato and something pasta for Ana hehe

my partner in crime Ana:) love you girl! To more charity events--cheers, kampay!:)

We'll be organizing an outreach program soon under Bloggers United. Will announce deets as soon as it's all set:) That's it! Keep smiling, keep giving, keep loving. Share and help as much as you can. Don't do it for convenience, for show, for fame or to just make yourself feel good--do it selflessly for the people who need it the most. I'm not asking you to be a saint. I am most certainly not. But c'mon, we all have a bigger purpose in life other than our jobs, material things, etc. Life is not always about you. We can help in our own little ways. Have faith in people, in humanity. You'll be surprised as to how they'll respond if you'll just make the 1st step. Pay it forward and the returns would be ten folds. :) Let's goooo.


  1. Sana sa next outreach makasama na ako!^_^

  2. wow! that is noble of you guys.. and you're fond of kids pala, miss ais? hehehe you look so cute with them.. :)

  3. wow! that is so noble of you girls.. and you're so cute with those kids, miss ais.. :)

  4. Awww Jessica is really cute!! Her cheeks!!! O.O Haha it is indeed right to pay it forward. No wonder mas magiging blessed pa kayo for being beautiful inside and out. ♥



  5. i really heart this post!!! you're not just beautiful outside but you have a beautiful heart inside as well!!!

    czarina :)

  6. I love this post! Wish I could join the outreach. I love kids! :)


  7. awww! this is so nice Aisa :) We had a benefit Christmas concert with the Virlanie children's choir also just this Friday :)

  8. This is so nice of you girls.. :) Jessica really looks like a sweetheart. I hope I can join any outreach programs too.

  9. I was deeply touched by this post. I hope I can join the next outreach. :-)


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