PRIMADONNA Lookbook Shoot

So you guys know about the shoot I did for Primadonna shoes. And now that they've officially revealed their new endorser (the very gorgeous Anne Curtis!) and officially launched their brand & website, I can finally release the BTS + Lookbook photos here. Yahooo. Shot at Space Encounters, Ortigas. Photographed by my good friend Darrel Pobre!:)

View the whole lookbook HERE!

And now here are some BTS photos from our fun 10-hour shoot. 32 outfit changes/layouts!:) Clothes are also from Primadonna (except for some, you'll know what's mine hehe).

don't you just love the interiors? these are for sale!

hello mr. interior designer benjo!

We also shot some layouts outside--which was quite an adventure if I must say. It was a challenge running away from Ortigas guards. Haha!

guard: mam bawal yan (hehe)

Our last location was Subpace Coffeeshop!
lovely art ceiling! One day I will surprise Mich with something like this! maloka sha haha

the owner is addicted to korean stuff and vintage things!

mouthwatering dessertsssssss
cutie patootsie

haggardness galore!
shoot in a shoot! haha

heart lookalike Crystal! hehe

After 10 hours of styling...
it's a wrappppp!

Thank you Denise and the rest of the Primadonna team for this wonderful opportunity! It really didn't feel like work coz it was so much fun. :) Will blog about the successful Primadonna launch last night next!:)

Next posts...
1. Laura Mercier event
2. How to be a Stylist (inspired by a reader's email!)
3. Budget Traveling
4. This week's events (I have 2 tomorrow!)

It's Friday, have a good one!;)


  1. oh darrel took this! great shot ah :) great job everyone!


  2. paxie, am looking forward to your " how to be a stylist" post. :)

  3. i see your black and pink blazer!tehee..

    I love Primadonna shoes for years now!Stylisha and affordable!

  4. I'm almost ALWAYS at Subspace Coffee, completely in love with the place! Shoot looked soo tiring and sooo much fun. haha :)

  5. galing galing pax!! <3 love your work!

  6. galing galing pax!! <3 love your work!

  7. Ganda lang!!:) *clapclap* winner!!

  8. Congrats Pax! You did a great job on styling! :)


  9. Excited about *how to be a stylist* and * budget traveling* pax! :)) have a great week.

  10. Wonderful post Aixa.

  11. you did a great job! congrats! :)


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