Miss Sherlock

So it's now 6:30 a.m. and I'm still up (and working), wadddup. Heh, I feel super groggy (in tagalog: bangag) out of exhaustion, lack of sleep and a bad case of headache. But before I finally doze off, posting here muna another set of outfit photos of me wearing Primadonna's oxford heels. This is also the same outfit I wore to the Laura Mercier event yesterday (changed to my miu miu-ish heels though). My accidental inspiration: Sherlock Holmes? Lol.

Thrifted top & trousers, The Ramp trench coat, Manels satchel bag, Primadonna oxford heels

Wore an androgynous outfit in honor of our styling challenge later for the big event!:) I'm one of the 12 bloggers who will style the models for the show. I belong to the "Boyish Whim" (or the addict sa oxfords) group together with Lloyda & Bestie. Perfect team noh? Hehe! I also got a few questions yesterday regarding the shoes I'm wearing, here are my answers:

1. Available sizes - 5-9;)
2. Primadonna Branches - market market, sm megamall, sm fariview, sm north, sta lucia, landmark trinoma (not sure sa provincial branches)
3. Other colors - black only!
4. Price - i will ask! hehe
5. Are they comfy - so far, yes!

That's it for now! Go run to the nearest Primadonna stores now naaa--or later cge. So many amazing shoes I sweaaaar. Toodles! xo


  1. Hi Pax :) Love this outfit! Can't believe that gold top is thrifted. It looks UBER good! Primadonna really has great styles now. Sorry I wasn't able to get back to you about their event earlier. I was out of town for work and didn't have access to the net. Let me know the details since I'd like to go :)

    -Lana of Hautepot

  2. i love the addict sa oxfords description haha <3 so cute!

  3. Love your androgynous look, Pax!


  4. Oh I'm wearing a metallic gold knit jersey on my blog today too! Love the collar!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  5. Love the nude layers <3

    Check out mine:

  6. i love the oxford heels! bongga!


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