Treston + Redbox

The other day I, with blog sister Melai, went to Treston College for a meeting and a short ocular of the Bloggers Bazaar Part 2 venue! Here's a sneak peak,but first my outfit! 
 pussybow top-Kashieca, skirt & blazer-thrifted vintage, bag-Chicify, shoes-Juan, bracelets-Bead Shop, Mauve, watch-Tomato

 Thanks Melai for taking my photos! Now take a peek see at the next BU venue...
of course they'll put a mat over it haha. Love the bleachers!



The food area would be downstairs. I'm so excited coz their culinary students would be the one selling food + some other chosen food stalls (don't worry we'll bring in mochi and tea). I'm sure gourmet yan! Chos. Hehe.

After our successful meeting we ran to Eastwood for the RED BOX: License to Rock Blogger's Night. It was so much fun! There was a mini buffet and each blogger group were assigned a room. Barkada night lang the peg! Thank you Geiser Maclang & Red Box for the amazing treat. :)

not listening! haha! demo how to use the redbox remote c/o kuya.

melai, me, ed, keigh, ana, krissy

Trivia: Do you know that Red Box acquires all license and permits of the song from the official record companies, they are the only music house that has the license and operates legally with the music they are using for their customers. Bongga!

 landeeeeeeeeeee haha

I love that their song selection is updated, the remote thing is kinda hard to get used to though. Ignorant all night lang the drama. I miss browsing through a think songbook. Harhar.  But I love how spacious the rooms are! Love the interiors too!

went wild singing Mr. Brightside & Wannabe!

yun na

don't try this at home or outside. Lol.

rockstar daw! my peg for the night: Teacher gone wild!

thank you Geiser Maclang!

Okay, I can't wait to go back. I wanna unleash my inner diva again! Haha! Who wants to go with me? Lez go! :)

Red Box: Rock, Dine and Roll 
Greenbelt: Tel. No. 7576188 
Eastwood: Tel No. 3557921, 
Cebu: Tel No. (032) 4171675, 
Trinoma: Tel No. 9018833


  1. Red Box is so WIN :) And I love how all of you had some print on your outfits... sobrang barkada nga :)

  2. Hahaha love ett! Super fun that night!! :D

  3. Lovely look, the bow tie shirt is definitely a favorite of mine for fall, skirt is very cute too! YOu girls look like having a blast!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  4. Haha! LOVE it! Who's who sa Spice Girls? :p


  5. ang fun! sama ako next time! :))

    "I LOVE FREE SHOES, i want to win the @modejunkie + @Sarenza_DE giveaway http://bit.ly/porkvZ!"

  6. so cute Ms. Aisa.. got kilig with the pics hahaha..

  7. Always love your chic outfit! Kaexcite naman! :) can't wait for the Bloggers united! :)

    Fashion Blogger

  8. Funny yung landi picture, si Mich! :))

    Looks like so much fun! Umaariba sa prints ang group niyo! :)

  9. me!!wants to go with you!!haha i need a break na!!GAHDDD!!!i love redbox!!they have yummy food tuwing lunch buffet!

  10. wow.. most of the girls wore their animal prints *.*

  11. I love this outfit, especially the skirt! Very pretty.

  12. I want that Blazer!
    Give it to me!
    Love your outfit again.
    District of Fashion

  13. Gorgeous outfit, love it! So cute!! :)


  14. I am in love with your baggggg <3



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