Swallows, Pleats & Mail Love

Can I just say, I'm so stresseeeeeeeeeeeeed. Haha. I have 4 events tomorrow (it's hard enough to finish 1 event still looking fresh, ugh) plus I have to cram my pullouts for a HUGE shoot on Thursday. Sometimes I just wanna crawl someplace to hibernate for a while, to get away from all the craziness. BUT, I'm exactly where I want to be and I'm thankul. :) So I have to suck it up and enjoy the ride. Heh. 

I visited Connect Agency's office today to pick up some things. Thanks Ed & Cholo! Mich's office was a few blocks away, so I went there after to kill some time before heading to Greenbelt to do minor pullouts. Here's what I wore...(sorry for the poor editing, I'm using Mich's laptop and it has no photo editor! so I did it online. suuucks.)

Dorothy Perkins sheer top, Playground Love Shop pleated skirt, Chickflick wedges, Bedazzle laminated bangle
 Holic tassel necklace (thanks mitzi!)

I actually wore this ensemble with my Call It Spring nude wedges (not the black one pictured above). But I wasn't able to take decent photos, so I hade to use the 1st batch I took from the apartment.

Anyway, got some packages today! Which reminds me, I have to give the receptionist and guard at Mich's office tokens of appreciation for always taking care of my packages. Thank you po! I was super excited I opened them before even reaching home. Haha.

A sweet surprise from Penshoppe! It even came with a personalized note--aww:) Thanks Rocel!

And finally some of my new buys from Multiply have arrived! Yipeee! Online shopping is truly the shiz. I often find the bestest buys at bargain prices online. :)

sheer buttondown shirt with tan accents

crochet top all from Summersault

Last but not the least... 
Are you all excited for Philippine Fashion Week? I am!:) Can't wait to see all the amazing creations!

Okay, that's it for now! Those who won my MULTIPLY party invites can claim it at the reception. See you tomorrow!!!:)


  1. OMG you are addicted to buying online! Where do you keep all your stuff? But I love receiving new items on mail! ;)

  2. Hi.May I just ask on how can I get tickets for the PFW? Thanks! :)

  3. Lucky you!! :)

    I got 1 e-ticket for PHFW and its for the ready to wear collection. Would you know how can I get in to other shows? I really want to see Michael Cinco's collection.

  4. That top is so chic Pax!

    Join my The Bouteeque giveaway :)


  5. Really love your outfit! :)

    Anyway, I heard you're visiting our exhibit this Thursday. Well, I guess I'll see you? :)

    Studded Bliss

  6. Love your outfit <3 Plus, your online buys.

    More power to you! :)

  7. Love the buys from summersault!:) sana dumating yung inorder ko kanina from Multiply na maxi galing dun!:)

    Ganda ng PFW invites!

  8. Love your blouse, beautiful prints.


  9. LOVE your top! Yes shopping online is the shiz specially now that we all know where to get our stuff cause of you guys :D Thanks for the links I'll be browsing right after I post this comment! :D Don't worry about the photos, they look great :D

  10. Love love your outfit! so Pretty! :) mukha kang bata promise!

    Fashion Blogger

  11. love the whole ensemble esp. the pink tassel necklace. dreaming of having something like that too *.*


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