Hang Ten Blogger Event + Trendsetters Bazaar

Super late post, I know. It's just that I'm so uninspired to blog these past few days coz my internal hard drive died on me. I'm now using Mich's netbook, which sucks by the way, coz it can't handle too much downloads or applications open. I miss my big work laptop! Hope I get it fixed tomorrow. 

Anyway, here's what happened last Sunday during the Hang Ten event at SM Mall of Asia! One of my fave event definitely! What makes it extra special are the readers that shared the experience with us. A lot of smiles, laughters and photo-op that day. Hehe. Here's what I wore!

 kimono top - i forgot but in Trinoma, leggings & shoes - F21, studded purse - Oxygen, leather bracelets - Mauve & Les Roux, watch - Tomato

I bought this top from a store in Trinoma the day before and I couldn't wait to wear it! Lakas makayaman lang. And how cute is this bag from Oxygen?:) Anyway, here are photos from the fun event! (grabbed from Tracy, Vern, Ana, Nikki)

cute display!:)

Kyle de Leon, Creative Director of Hang Ten!
The lovely host Portia Silva

Creative Designers Katie & Tin

I arrived late so I wasn't able to participate in the chaotic but fun Human Bingo game! I heard David won! :)

I was just in time for the 2nd main activity which was the styling game. We were grouped in 4 (2 bloggers, 2 readers) and was given 1 mannequin to style. I hate that we got the guy mannequin (sana totoo nalang chos!)) but whatever, we still had fun with it. 


me and carmi my date for the day!:)

sweet noh?

aie and her teammates--love their styling!!! 

me, nikki, her sister, carmi:)

David's group and Vern's group won!:) More photos with bloggers friends...

with mah girl Vern

photo by tracy:)

with the lovely Bianca

with nicole, ana, aie, tracy & tin

2 of my favorite girls & babies--tracy & tin

and another one

with my bebe tin!

with carmi and melai's reader! (pls msg me what your names was again!:)

with faceshop bff Alyssa!

with Melai who decided not to go edgy that day. So pretty!

bloggers with hang ten peeps

Thank you Hang Ten for this event! :) Thank you The List Group!:)

Went to the Trendsetters Bazaar afterwards to pull out some clothes for my MEG shoot...

thank you Jade & Jenny for guestlist!:)

love these girls! Carmel of Mapleberry & Acha of Pirouette

the girls behind iheartmatilda.com! recognize them? they're models:) so pretty and nice!

My pullout was a success! The Trendsetters bazaar saved the day. Hehe. Didn't buy anything except for a cute green leather bracelet from Envy. I also can't forget our P150 baby back ribs and rice dinner. Nomnom. That's it for now! More posts coming. Please don't get tired of me and my blog. Heh. Happy weekend!

P.S. Will announce my Mauve giveaway winner later and those who will be getting Multiply party invites!:)


  1. Loved Katie and Tin's outfits they looked fierce! I love Hang ten they have great basics!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  2. Hello Aisa! I really like your outfit. Sooo Chloe/Celine-inspired.
    You definitely rocked it! Plus, your Hang-Ten event was also cool. I wish we also had events like that in Cebu.
    I love your bag. Super nice :))

  3. Ate Aisa!

    Thank you so much for picking me!Sobrang fun and overwhelming.:)

    I hope to see you again!:D

    -Carmi C.


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