How To Travel In Style

Sharing with you guys what I wrote for a guest post on Lauren's blog. :) You know how I love going to different places and most of you have asked me what I usually bring (no, not my whole closet haha). So here are some tips on how and what to pack, as well as some travel essentials. Limited luggage space is not an excuse to look frumpy! Lol.

1.) Make an itinerary – this is where it all starts.  I make it one a week before my trip. This helps me decide what outfits to prepare and things to bring. Of course, my outfits would depend on my destination. ;
2.) Outfit List – I never ever leave home without this.  This helps me be more organized in packing and for me not to bring my entire closet. I allot 2 hours for me to mix & match clothes, taking photos and then listing it down my organizer. This is to limit the clothes I’d bring.

Now I'm saying goodbye to this old notebook! 

 I can organize my outfits using  my new Itouch App, Stylish Girl!

 My travel wardrobe staples are:

  • Dresses – coz they’re super light and easy to style
  • Cardigan – you can wear this over anything or wear it in bed if the hotel room is too cold.
  • Blazer – just in case you need to attend an event or whatever
  • 2 pair of shorts – for walking and marathon shopping
  • 1 skirt – that you can pair with your tanktop or buttondown shirt
  • 1 pair of jeans
  • Tank tops – I usually bring 3-4 pcs in different colors
  • Tights – you can wear this with a dress or your shorts.
  • Button down shirts – plain & printed
3.)    Packing – After completing my outfit list, then I start packing. I pack my clothes by outfit. Those I’d use last are at the bottom of course. If you really really want to save on luggage space and don’t mind getting your clothes all wrinkly, then you can put your clothes inside big ziplock bags (rolled neatly).
Fabmanila sent me this amazing luggage organizer, can't wait to use them!

4.)    Shoes–For my shoes, I also decide which ones to bring based on my outfits. I try to use one pair at least twice to save space. I mostly pack flats (ballet shoes and oxfords) coz they look great with anything. I always bring boots and I usually just wear them to the airport to save space. And don’t forget to pack 1 pair of heels just in case an event pops up.

5.)    Accessories - I put all my accessories in ziplock bags, same with my toiletries. But you could always use those roll away accs organizers. Aside from my handy bucket bag, I always see to it that I also bring 1 purse or smaller bag for unplanned nightouts or shopping.

love this accs organizer I saw online!

airport bag

My favorite accessories for travels are:
  • Hat – don’t put this in the luggage bag unless you’re okay with it being squished.
  • Wraparound bracelets – it can go from casual to glam
  • Interchangeable strap watch (super functional!)
  • 2 casual (in my case my black beaded cross necklace & gold chain necklace) and  1 super statement necklace
  • Belts – I usually bring 1 black, 1 brown, 1 white,1 colored belt. 
 6.)    Airport Chic– I usually wear clothes that are comfy but still chic. I always wear ballet flats or boots to be able to remove them easily for inspection. Don’t forget to handcarry a scarf (it’s super handy & it’s freezing inside the plane!) and if you can wear socks, wear one (dirty airport carpet). Try to look chic but not overdone. It will also help pass the immigration counter easier if you’re dressed to impress!

    What I usually keep in my bag are: 
  • Scarf – as I’ve said it’s super handy
  • Wet tissue!
  • Huge wallet – where I put my passport, travel docs and foreign currencies.
  • Ipod Touch – to help me beat boredom!
  • Evian face mist -  your skin tends to dry out when you’re on the plane so it’s nice to spray some mist before going down to freshen up.
  • Mints!
  • Sunglasses
  • Eyeglasses – to hide undereye circles hehe
  • Ballpen –it’s necessary!
7) Extras – There are some things that are quite necessary but you still have the option to leave in the house.
* portable clothes steamer – my clothes get all wrinkly so I bring one often.
* Extra plastic or bag- for your dirty clothes
* Shopping bag/ Eco bag



That’s it! You can always email me if you want more tips or just to chat. :) Where’s your next destination?


  1. My dear Aisa, long time since I had been in your blog.
    I love you in that flowery skirt.
    Do keep in touch.

  2. Thanks so much for the tips! At least I can apply all these for future trips! :D

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    -chi of the occasional musings

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    This post is surely helpful and most of your tips are the usual things that I practice when traveling :)
    You do travel in style. Chic! ;)

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