2nd Mega Brands Sale Day!

I have more events and stores to share & blog about but am sorry, my OTD has to cut the line! I have to share with you now the amazing brands and finds in the 2nd Mega Brands Sale happening today til Sunday only at the Mega Trade Hall, 5th floor of Megamall! I dropped by earlier (got invited by their partner bank, Bankard) and I ended up breaking my no shopping rule. Hah. Here are some photos!

colorblock top - Mango, skirt - SM, red wedges - Jellybean, satchel bag- Chicify, leather bracelets- SG, polka belt - vintage, harlow inspired necklace - SM

So here are the stores & items that caught my wandering eye. Lol.
thanks for the invite bankard!:) go na guys kuha na bankard!

Rayban--15% off all items, 50% off selected!

Buy 1 Take 1 original perfumes!!!

VANS at 30% off

15% off on all Nokia phones!

Ellesse at 80% off!
massage area hehe

Lots of sale items from Philips! Bet ko yung dvd player. Hmm..

chic plastic shoes from Mint Design! 1st pair at 20% off, 2nd pair at 50% off!

Dupe (one of my fave slippers brand) is on sale too!

Europak! Saw a laptop case for P950!

so many amazing sale items from Giordano!!! saw Lloyda's sister! Hi achi!:)

i find this weird but yup it's on sale too!:)

hello Manels! bags & mens shoes at 50% off!

luggage bags on sale! Elle & Carlton. mejo mahalia pa din.

eyeing on this Elle luggage bag for P3900

Wenger bags on sale! P2000-3500!

Wenger full pack for P3700! Not bad ha!

Sports brands on sale!!!
Technomarine at 30% off!!!

3 for P800 games

So here are the boardgames that stressed me out! I had a hard time choosing what to buy!

These also caught my attention:) So cute.
perfect tool to relearn your geography!

bundle promo, perfect to give as gifts!

cute kiddie laptop!

i want this!

so many sale items from Tomato!

everyone going gaga over these watch & wallet + bangles set!

TIMEX watches

love the maxi dresses hanging on the left!

Parker ballpens for P175

antibacterial socks for P150

Cute polka brassiere! Triumph bras 50% off, this one is priced at P1050

Cute shoes from Acupuncture!

mich love this!

Clothes steamer for P2000! (sorry stylist's tool hehe)

i think im going back for this tomorrow.



parang i want!

Nike dri-fit shirts on sale too!


Zooyork shoes supersale

Deuter bags at 15% off!

newly discovered shop! They sell bra straps that you can use for events! I want!

Visit their Facebook page!

native hats & shoes!

Keep Shoes on sale--40% off!

love this cuff the owner of ENVY is wearing! Visit their facebook page!:)

So many people at Digital Traincase's booth!

eyeshadow palettes for P300. I might go back for one!

2 for P150 nailpolish!

Secosana satchel! P750 from P1100

hello Tinjaman! shoes are just P600!

bought one! so cute!!!

So many great buys, you really shouldn't miss it! It's never too early to go Christmas shopping anyway. I will go back tomorrow so see you there!:) 

Of course, it's impossible not to get tempted you know...
Tomato watch set -P395, Bangles - P150, Cranium - P995

Happy weekend everyone!:)


  1. I super love your outfit Aisa ;) especially the shoes!! They look exactly the ones from Topshop :D

  2. Wow! Wallet busters! ^^
    I LOVE your top Sis Aisa! ^^

    PS: Finally found out why I was blocked last night--my laptop is infected! =(. trying to fix it still...waaaahhhh

  3. Love your look of the day Pax, you look so chic! :)

    xx Kaye

  4. Thanks, Pax! :) I'm going today and I know exactly where to go crazy now. :p


  5. ohh Mega Sale!!! yes i do love sale!!! love your red wedges. so cute.

  6. Wow you really did a great posting with all those pictures. What a big sale! Well, your wedges really steal my eyes... It's too wonderful!

  7. i was at mega today pero hindi ako pumunta diyan haha deadly!:)) love the bags!!

  8. Shucks, just saw this now. Sayang!! Seems like there were a lot of good finds. Your blog is great! :)

  9. INTENSE SALE! kalooka! :)) i love you Jellybean wedges. How much are those>

  10. Those are some pretty good deals. Hope you had fun there :)

  11. Really nice pics and had really fun time watching them, hope you had too, its great !


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