Puey Quinones Confession on MEGA August

I've always looked up to Puey as a designer. So when this particular scandal broke, I was really dumbfounded. There were so many questions I have in my mind, so many whys, how, when. Now, all our questions would be answered. 

In the August Issue of MEGA, the Philippines’ best fashion magazine, the man in question opens up to no less than the President and CEO of Mega Publishing Group, and Editor-in-Chief of MEGA Sari Yap for the first time to talk about the incident. “I agreed to do the interview only because of Sari,” Puey says. It is never easy to go public and admit your wrong deeds, but Puey chose to brave the odds and asked for an apology to those of whom he let down. In the said interview, he also shared that he didn’t like to prolong the agony anymore so he opted to say sorry than deny the allegations. 
What does it take to make a scandal? Simple! But to erase the stigma of the scandal will take a lot more than the usual select all-delete-your-inbox command. Puey may have done some things wrong, but to err is human. Coming out clean by admitting his fault is the start. It is a long way indeed, but he is starting a new journey the right way. 
Read more about the exclusive confession of Puey Quinones in the August Issue of MEGA Magazine with the pretty Maricar Reyes on the cover, out on stands now! Like MEGA on Facebook, Twitter or visit their website. MEGA is a prestige publication of the Mega Publishing Group.


  1. I wanna know all about it!!! :o

  2. me too! i just know bits and pieces about the story....


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