MEGA Make-Over, Fashion Crew Edition

Here's what happened last week on MEGA Fashion Crew!

 MEGA asked the challengers to send them their photos for an online promotional campaign. However, the contestants reacted negatively to the request and expressed dissatisfaction by posting uncalled for comments on MEGA Fashion Crew’s group page. The comment caught the attention of the MEGA Fashion Crew mentors. Soon after, a comment thread formed in response to this comment.

Incidentally, fashion stylist Tsard Chua, the one who initiated the post, was eliminated. Also, makeup artist Sam Unson-Gallardo left the competition because of her son’s medical condition.

MEGA Fashion Crew judges got teary eyed as Gallardo bid farewell. Even guest judge, fashion icon and blogger, Divine Lee. 

After last Saturday’s episode, only 30 challengers remained in the running to become a part of MEGA’s Top Fashion Crew.

Don’t miss the adrenaline rush and the drama that takes place behind the scenes of a high-fashion shoot. Because this season, back stage is the new front stage.

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