Birthday In Style

And for me that is--sleeping. Lol! I spent my birthday lying in bed, staring at the ceiling, eating oreos (no food coz I was alone and I was too lazy to buy food), checking emails, surfing the net. I canceled meetings that day. Come 5pm I felt so inutil (in english: useless hehe) that I finally dragged my ass off my bed, took a bath and took some outfit shots! Yey! Finally found something to do. Haha.

 top & skirt - Funky Plum, bag & heels - Chickflick, cardi-F21, necklace-Rubi

Wearing my Funky Plum Vintage multi-way top & multi-color skirt!:) The top has a long cloth on the side that you can tie any way you like. I wore mine tied at the back. :) Also wearing my cute owl bag (swoons!) and lace peep toe heels sent by Chickflick Boutique. Loveeeeeeee!:)

So back to my birthday hehe. I had a reservation at The Spa, Eastwood but I was so hungry I asked Mich to cancel it. Decided to have a decent dinner instead at Old Vine.

 love the interiors

 it's a little expensive

 my "its-my-birthday-so-keri-lang-maging-haggard-face"

olats no wifi!

waiting for our food.

french onion soup - yuuuum!

Ceasar's Salad

melon shake

i forgot the name pasta. it's good!:)

 steak & fish -- the steak at Mom & Tina's is better.
souffle -- try this it's sooo delish!

It's funny how we always go all out when we eat. You should really see us, it's like we're on death row or something. Lol. I have a valid reason though! It's often my first and last meal of the day so Mich feeds me to death. My food life sucks. I know.

Anyway, I changed clothes. Opted to wear something chill, something boho/hobo-ish. I call this my lower east side look! Har.

d pa gumiveup sa skirt flipping.

skirt worn as dress-thrifted,  cardigan-Topshop, leopard bow flats-c/o Manels, owl bag-Chickflick

I badly needed a massage (soooo stressed) so we headed to Nuat Thai after. So convenient that they're open til 2am! The massage was so good I fell asleep. That seldom happens, I tell you. After the pampering session we went to a food bazaar across the street (called Banchetto) and bought food AGAIN. Told ya death row! Haha.

After spending a few hundred bucks on maki, caramel cake, ilocos empanada we then headed home. THE END.

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  1. looks like a happy celebration :) especially if sleep is what you really need! Love both outfits! Happy birthday!!

  2. Happy birthday, Pax! :) Love love LOVE your bag btw!!! And whee! I have those leopard bow flats, too. :)


  3. nice way to celebrate! eat and sleep! happy birthday! :)

  4. Love the colors and flow your skirt! :)

    Kaye Awatin

  5. Oh, happy Birthday Aisa! Looks like you had a relaxing day on your day, hehe. Love the stripe skirt on you and that bag super cute! :)

  6. Happy birthday! That's an awesome birthday celebration (sleep, eat, massage, chill)!

    Anyway, I don't think anyone would stop you from eating a lot! :D

  7. what a lovely way to celebrate your birthday! :)

  8. I love the foods. ~Drool~
    Hope you had a great birthday celeb!!

  9. Happy birthday (again)! may outfit change! haha nice! glad you had a great one! =)

  10. Happy Birthday darling. Love your skirt in the first outfit. You are such an inspiration most of the time with your looks everyday.

  11. Pax, super cute ng owl bag! I like! And my goodness, nagutom ako when I saw the Caesar Salad! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Ceasar Salads!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Hi Pax!

    Can I cross-post this on Kikay Exchange (http://kikay.exchange.ph)? Will have a linkback to your site of course :)

  13. Love your styling! :D

    Visit our new online clothing store http://ellemel.multiply.com!

  14. omygsh dear, belated happy birthday!

    I love the colorful funky plum skirt. Seems like a great day. Lots of sleep haha + good food + you still got your massage!


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