Yellow Means Stop

Finally took my very first topsiders for a spin! I don't normally wear those kinds of shoes but I just couldn't resist taking these home coz they fit right and it's in mustard yellow!:)

my wag-po-koya pose haha
shirt,jacket & bag - from Singapore, shorts-thrifted,  yellow topsiders-Primadonna

The clothes gods also heed my call, got new amazing pieces over the weekend & yesterday!:)

 got this on sale for P400 from Robinsons Depstore brand Fab!

from Rob depstore also P499


thrifted (might sell this on Archive soon!)

on sale from SM depstore for P300 (comes with a bib necklace)

sent by Iconique (thank you!) :)

I also got invited to visit the store Funky Plum Vintage (in BF Paranaque) yesterday and was able to take home amazing vintage pieces! Will share them with you guys later! :)

That's it have to snooze now still have a Penshoppe event to go in like 4 hours. Shiz. I'm sure it's gonna be cuhrazzzzzzzzeeee! Have a nice week!:)


  1. Hey! The pink thrifted blazer is such a cute find...love the bow detail on it!

  2. love those topsiders! See you later! =)

  3. love the addition of those mustard colour sneakers :)


  4. I love your topsiders, love the manlish vibe they bring up! That pink blazer you thrifted is lovely, can't wait to see how you wear it!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  5. i love the color of your shoes! i love it how you put together your outfits! very stylish! :)

  6. WOW! Those are awesome closet additions! :P Love your shoes and blazer btw!


  7. LOL to wag-po-kuya pose.. ahihih.. love that mustard yellow shoes.. ahm, just want to know if where did you get it? thanks.. <3


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