Store to Love: CPS Chaps

So last month before leaving for Singapore, I visited one of Suyen's store/brand--CPS Chaps. Went to their Bonifacio High Street branch. I just wanted to look around, not planning on buying anything but I still ended up taking home something! As usual, found the perfect item in the men's section. Heh. CPS is a thai brand so when you look at the tags you'd see their prices in Baht. :) Anyway, here's a tour of the store as well as my favorite pieces!

The first rack I noticed was the shirt rack at the men's section. :)

my pick!:) 

 they have the nicest sales staff:)
Store manager:) Thank you!
The items' prices range from P1K-5K. It's a little over my budget BUT the quality of the items are superb so it's worth it. Those who have bigger budgets could definitely find amazing pieces here. :) That's all! More posts coming right up!:)

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  1. Ooo I loved this store when I lived in Bangkok. CPS is much cheaper there, though.


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