It's Raining Shoes, Hallelujah.

The weather we've been having these past few days is soooo sleep inducing. Lol. If I could, I would just camp under my sheets the whole weekend.  But I can't--coz then I would feel totally useless and idle--so I dragged my ass off and decided to cross some things off my to-do list. I wasn't able to take decent photos of my outfit last Saturday so I'll start off with my easy breezy Sunday go-to outfit.

 shirt & shorts - thrifted, belt -SM Accs, bracelets-from SG, babydoll shoes - c/o Primadonna, Megamall

Decided to wear my new shoes from Primadonna! It takes a lil practice walking in these (for someone with zero balancing skills like me), but it's one of the comfiest pair I own. It's like I'm just wearing flats--only that it's elevated. And I think it's conservative and sexy in a good way. :) Will debut my other Primadonna shoes soon! Anyway, here are the rest of the photos!

Had late lunch at Ilocos Empanada along Katipunan! My fave--nomnomnom

We then headed to Trinoma to pick up my gift from Jellybean! Aww:)
thanks for the assistance pretties!:)

and lookie! they have pretty new arrivals!:)

Bought these from Landmark...
blistex sheer lip balm P129 & Nivea cherry lip balm ( P80+). 

I have very sensitive lips (forever chapped and from my excessive lip peeling), so far this is working! :)

After less than an hour in Trinoma, we then headed to Alimall (yeeez reprezent haha) to buy a bed frame (finally! my skin asthma is killing me) and a bag rack. It was a success, yey! Went to Frenchbaker afterwards to eat dinner.

spicy seafood pasta + chocolate macaroons

 thank you Jellybean!:)

Bag tree. And as you can see, i suck at organizing. Haha. (bought this for P500!)

Mich bought me a new hardrive so I could finally cancel my dropbox account!

Also, something random and nice happened last Saturday! So, I dragged Mich to Eastwood coz I was craving for Vietnamese food. Afterwards, we dropped by a shoe store at the Eastwood Bazaar, found out the seller is a reader too, took home a free pair! Hehe bonggey! Check out Tinjaman shoe store coz all of their shoes are reasonably priced! For just P400-800, you get to take home fierce, good quality shoes. Visit them at Eastwood or buy HERE!

So here I am panicking while choosing what pair to take home (i was caught off guard y'all). Haha...(too bad i didn't bring my good camera so I got stuck with my low-res itouch) :(

my 1st choice but they didn't have it in my size anymore :(

So I chose this instead--even Mich said yes! Love the fringe :)

Nice, pretty and machika owner Tin! Thanks girl!

oh and they also sell bags! Candy bags are just P450 oha!

Early break-in! Decided to wear it til we went home!:)
denim shirt & shorts-thrifted, tanktop-c/o Bench, shoes-c/o Tinjaman, purse & accs-from SG.


My shoefest doesn't end there! I've got 3 new pairs just today! Didn't even spend a dime (in tagalog: piso). God, please don't let me die soon, I still have a closet full of clothes and shoes to wear! You can kill/take me afterwards. I love You and thank You!

P.S. Will announce my giveaway winners soon! :)


  1. Kaingiit :-) three shoes in one day at higit sa lahat free, san ka pa? ;-)

  2. wow I dont know how it feels to receive a free shoe! haha :]] lucky you! im so inggit! :P btw, i love3 your top n short combi! <3

  3. You bag tree is amazing, so many bags to love!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  4. saraaaap naman, free shooooes! :)

  5. woow. all shoes are lovely, im jelly much....

  6. Spell lucky for me please? :D nice pairs! The jellybean pair reminds me of the wedge that was sold in topshop last year. Gandaaaa! ;)

    Bet ko rin yung shoes mo from primadonna. Sana may sizes! Parang barko kasi minsan ang paa ko. Haha

  7. Great minds think alike! Wore the same combo the other day! hehe Only my top was green and my shirt was blue! :)


  8. Okay, now I am obsessed with your Primadonna babydoll shoes. They are so cute without even trying!

  9. SHOES *drools* Cool finds huh :)

    Studded Bliss

  10. can i kill you now?!?!? 5 new free shoes?!?!?! wah! i want your shoes!!!! hahahaha. love yah paxie! :)

  11. Gusto ko din ng free shoes everyday! :)

  12. love the look, cute shorts!!! Yummy food!!!

    xo Emma


  13. you're so lucky pax.. Daming ngmamahal sa iyo.. heehehe..

  14. wow! that's a lot of shoes in a day! kainggit! :)

  15. hi, really curious about the bag tree/rack, where to get one? my bags are always strewn across the floor. thanks!

  16. @aerin - hi sis! bought it from a store across SOGO inside alimall. Chinese yung nagbebenta:)

  17. thanks for the response. :) while i have the same fashion addictions as you, i shall just resort to living vicariously through you and your fashion adventures :D


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