Happy Birthday MANELS!

I've always known MANELS since I was a kid. Every school opening, I would wish and pray for new school shoes and I would always shriek with delight whenever my parents gave me permission to buy from the best which is Manels. :) But that's before I found out that their shoes are sturdy as hell, so my parents didn't allow me to buy new ones til they're all worn out and beaten. Haha. The point is, they've been around forever for as long as I can remember and I'm so delighted and honored to have stood witness to the brand's revitalization. I'm so excited and happy for the new Manels--chicer & "fashion forward"!:)

So the other day, they held a private sale exclusive for bloggers and I was there. It was soooo much fun. One of the lightest event I've been to. :)  But first off, do you know that MANELS is celebrating their 47th year anniversary (wow!)??? As a big thank you to everyone who stood by them and believed in their brand, they're selling ALL of their items for 1/2 the price! :) 

So going back, private SALE + shoes & bags + bloggers = total chaos! Haha. It felt like we were in amazing race. Lol. Here are photos from the event!

sarah, ana, reg, honey, krissy, melai, jonver, earth

We took a lot of photos first before I finally found the ONE. The pair I wanted to take home (with Aie's help hehe)...

with aie and earth
blog sister melai
with MANELS VP for operations & owner--Mark Siggaoat!:)

okay closer hehe

And then the search began...
gooow! hehe
melai and me discussing haha
i wanted the green bag, cute sandals too!
i love!!! 
Aie and her chosen pair:)
Ava and her choice #1--I also wanted this studded oxfords.
love this photo of Ana--parang shoe addict lng. Haha! Cute.

with Sarah of fashioneggplant:)

lovely girls:)

 lovely Lauren:)

End of the line--the cashier!
my pick! and it's lovely:)
our picks!
happy shoppers hehe

Everyone were smiling and laughing and just taking photos. It was a pretty great night. :) We then headed to Bonchon afterwards to bond! And as always, I got a lil pissed because of the slow service. Uugh. 

And here's what I took home...
thanks Aie for choosing this for me! hehe

...and what I wore (sorry for the crappy photo and all the haggardness)
Dress-thrifted, shoes-new look, belt-SM, polka watch-Aldo

Yes, I'm a little altar girl--my peg! So virginal noh? Haha! Kylie concert + Smart event next. Love love love all of you!:)

P.S. Thanks for all the comments. Sorry if I seldom reply but I read each one of them! :)


  1. Wow! You guys are amazing! :)

  2. hi aisa!
    so pretty ng leopard flats na nauwi mo.. pati yun green na bag.. fab, me likey! :)

  3. haha little altar girl!:)) winner! love your pick, girl!

  4. really had a nice time chatting with you, hope we get to hang out again soon :)

  5. Ang fun naman! Shoe shopping galore talaga kayo. Bakit hindi kami nai-invite sa mga events na ganito, na may kinalaman sa shoes? *HUHU* Hahahaha!

  6. love the color of the flats! nice pick talaga! =)

  7. I agree with the green bag! I would have snatched it asap! lol. Wonder if they happen to have that huge of a sale here in Seyboo. Good choice with the flats! xx

    The Glamarazzi

  8. very pretty shoes you got there! i love the green bag too! :)


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