An Afternoon with Blogger Friends.

It's bittersweet when blogger friends meet to celebrate good friendships and share sad goodbyes. :/ We'll miss you Honey! We'll all be waiting for your return. Goodluck on everything and we'll miss you!:)

Woke up late (coz of work) so I didn't make it to our lunch date, but I did catch up with them at Happy Lemon ! I love it when bloggers meet, everyone's so fasyown.

shirt - Elle Paris (thrifted), polka shorts-c/o Kashieca, bag-from SG, watch-c/o Aldo

and then it rained and we ran--favorite photo ever.:)

me,mike,honey,aie,kookie,ava,belle,keigh (and athan!)

I just love hanging out with blogger friends coz at least when people stare, they stare at all of us. Haha! But seriously, they're such a fun bunch. Everybody's so nice, sweet and kind. Plus we share the same interests! :)

Went to Megamall afterwards for a meeting with Primadonna's owner (who's super sweet and nice and pretty!). Will share with you guys what we talked about soon. :) But for the meantime, I'm sharing with you what I took home! 

babydoll wedge, weaved sandal wedge, mustard topsider from Primadonna & strappy sandals from Manels:

Thanks shoe fairies:)


  1. I love you Pax.. Wala na ang sumpa! Hahahaahha.. Di bale.. Aalis lang naman ako ng Pinas, pero meron pa din Facebook at Blogger. :D Mamimiss ko nga lang makipag kulitan sanyo.. :(

  2. Everyone's so fashionable its so cute!

  3. Didn't see you Pax, I left na before you arrived :(

  4. Oh my God, you must have a HUGE shoe collection by now. And you girls all looked so chic.

    Mars of fashion insouciance

  5. Oh, Manila bloggers! Such a beautiful bunch! I swear I need to meet everyone when I visit in prolly the next 2 years??

    amazing shorts, pax!

  6. Looks like a loooooot of fun! <3 Ava's bb is so cute! I like the last pic where he's just staring at you guys!

    Btw, I have the same babydoll wedges from Prima Donna! Jealous you were able to get some freebies from them.

    x sPam of frou-frou

  7. Love those shorts babe, so cute!
    And yes, we shall meet up when you come to Singapore! (:


  8. bitiiin! shets lol! I want the mustard topsiders! =)


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