80's Mother Sweater

I took advantage of the cold & rainy weather the other night and took my newly thrifted sweater for a spin. Never mind that I was sweating at the end of the night coz of the heavy wool. Lol.

Sweater-thrifted vintage, shorts-St. francis, bag-from SG, boots-thrifted, accessories-random

I fell in love with the details--sequins, gems, colors, prints. I also love that it's oversized! It's actually long and could also serve as a dress.

Anyway, I wanted to get out of the house that day, eat and chill for a few hours, so we decided to go to Eastwood. Ran into the gorgeous Tin of Tinjaman shoes & bags!

love her boots!

I was super hungry (as in monster hungry) so we just decided to eat at Fazolis. Literally FAST food. Hehe. I also love their big servings.

how my hair looks like now more than a month after my perm.


1st meal for the day at 8pm

A few minutes before 9, we practically ran to Eastwood Mall to check if Happy Lemon was still open. I just had to satisfy my green tea craving (I still miss Koi). Ate dessert at Mrs. Fields. I swear their cookies have drugs, so addicting! Heh. I ended up taking home 2 bags of cookies. Yuuum.


tea + cookies + free wifi = WIN. 

I then dragged Mich to the Eastwood bazaar and took these home...
my itouch pouch. Hehe.

kidada charm bracelet for P100

Oooh, also got a package the other day! Thank you Cara of CROW for this super nice "Angeline" earring!!!:) Will build an outfit around it--soon. :)

That's all folks.Weekend's here! Yahooo.

P.S. Don't forget to enter my Primadonna shoes contest!:)


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! :-)

    Great outfit, I like the colors of the sweater. And your itouch pouch is so cute!

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  2. HUWAAAAA!!!!! HAPPY LEMONN!!!!!!!!

  3. PAX! I want your sweater, sell it to me when you tire of it :)

  4. fazolis unlimited garlic bread = saraaaaaaappp!! haha! =P beautiful feather earrings! =)

  5. super cute! :)


  6. so nice outfit.. i like the sweater as well as the boots. :)

  7. the sweater is so quirky and cute! and i can't wait to taste Happy Lemon, parang everyone's raving about it

  8. Love the feather earrings! And the sweater is pretty sweet.

    x sPam of frou-frou

  9. I miss Fazolis and the unlimited garlic bread! Super sarap! :)


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