Temper Trap

Okay, so in my quest to find Forever 21's playlist, I was able to come across amazing bands and amazing songs.:) I did find some of F21's tracks. Will share with you guys later my new playlist which I've been listening to on repeat. :) For the meantime, here's my newest outfit post! Thought I'd take a breather from events posting (SM Accessories launch is next). The shoes just came in the mail yesterday and I'm so kilig! It's sooo pretty. Thank you Denise:)

shirt & skirt-thrifted, coat-the ramp, hat-the ramp, heels-c/o shoeetiquette.blogspot.com


So I just want to a write a post about umm, nothing. Haha. For a change. Hehe. Well, I can't think of anything right now but my upcoming Singapore trip. Mich is leaving this Sunday (waaaah), And I'm a little scared coz I'm flying alone next Thursday, plus Mich will be at work when I get there, so I'm riding the train alone as well. Hope I get there in one piece.

Also, I've been getting a lot of pretty cool stuff in the mail. I'm just scheduling outfit shoots so I could share all of them with you. Here are some of them...

tutu from Jellybean, Flipflops + GCs from Banana Peel, jumpsuit from Etsy shop SomeVelvet Vintage

shoes from Shoe Etiquette & Asianvogue:)

Blog collab. Thank you Bench Family!;)

And now, as promised, here's my new playlist composed of feel good Forever 21-esque songs!

Airplanes - B.O.B. feat. Haley Williams
Always where I need to be - The Kooks
Animal - Neon Trees
Barcelona - Plastiscines
Beautiful - Patrick Nuo
Kids - Two Door Cinema Club
King of Anything - Sara Bareilles
Not In Love - Crystal Castles
Passion Pit - Moths Wings
Young Folks - Peter Bjorn John 
Boy - RaRaRiot
Something Beautiful - Newsboys
Stars - Undertow
Love Lost - Temper Trap
Fader - Temper Trap
Undercover Martyn - Two Door Cinema Club
Walking on a dream - Empire of the Sun
Wishlist - Neon Trees

Enjoy & Have a great week everyone!!! xo

P.S. If you don't want to go bankrupt, don't go to Megamall! HAHAHA. They're having some major sale going on. Jellybean is offering 50% all items!!! Oha. Temptation island galore. 

P.P.S. Thank you Stylebible!


  1. i totally love how you styled this outfit, I love how the hat adds colour too! the trench is adorable! btw do you mind me asking, if you don't mind, how do you get brands to sponsor for fashion blogging? (i.e like getting items, or clothing)


  2. @Christine - thank you!!!:) the sponsors just usually email me (or us) for blog collaborations/features:)

  3. thanks so much for the info! :)


  4. You should also listen to Naive by the Kooks. It's a cool song also from F21. :)

  5. Aw that tutu is a beauty!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  6. Wow, thanks for the playlist (yun yung napansin ko hehe). I'm not really a fan of music but the list sounds pretty cool! Thanks for sharing! :D

  7. i laveeet!!! :) wish somebody would send me loads of free stuff too!

  8. wow, girl! it's raining free stuff! haha love it :) and thanks for the play list!!

  9. thanks to your tweet yesternight, i went to jellybean trinoma kanina and found ALL of their items on 50% OFF too! love it! got myself a pair of shoes (the nude "badass" shoes you mentioned on your jellybean post. hihi). super thanks for the heads up! :D

  10. love this look! young folks by peter bjorn and john is my favorite, the whistling in that song is infectious!

  11. your skirt is really cool - pleats and stripes! that seafoam green tutu IS TO DIE FOR

    pandaphilia fashion

  12. I envy you and your legs! :( They seem to go on forever!

    And thank you for this playlist! Whenever I go inside F21 the first thing I notice is the song talaga :)) I like Topshop's too. You can find that naman here: http://topshopplaylist.blogspot.com/ :)

  13. your look is smart and sexy! i wanna try the look in school :)

  14. love your outfit! and the shoes are to die for!

  15. I love this outfit the shoes are so cute. When I worked at Express I was obsessed with getting all the songs they played all the time!

    Live Life in Style


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