Batwinged + Night Safari

Here's my 2nd to the last Singapore post. As most of you know, I'm now back in Manila! I'm already missing SG, especially Koi Cafe's Green Tea Macchiato. Lol. Anyway, we decided to act all touristy last Friday and spent it at the world's first Night Safari! But first, here are some outfit shots...

sheer top-Bugis market, shorts-St.Francis, boots-Primadonna, bag-Fabmanila

Honestly, I'm the most akward poser (as in someone who poses for a photo haha) evuuuur.  We had to do this over and over again just to get some manageable shots. Thanks Mich for putting up with me. Lol.

Anyway, here are the rest of the photos that night! Night Safari was worth it and we had so much fun. Like kids in a candy store as usual. Haha. Most of the photos are crappy since  flash photography was not allowed inside. :)

took the train to Ang Mo Kio, across the street is the bus terminal!

take bus 138! it will take you to the night safari:)

hybrid watch (aldo watch + tomato strap hehe), beaded bracelets from everywhere

welcome! say hi to my parents--chos hahaha

crocodile dandy?

the staff was so nice, they assisted us and offered us a package inclusive of 2 souvenirs!:) paid 36sgd

on our way to the Creatures of the Night show queue 

the show was delayed due to technical difficulties, bummer. 

it was worth it though! this is a wolf!:) and it's kinda huge. wows.

cute furry animal,dont know what its called hehe


The host was very funny and she speaks good english, we love her!:) They are also good actors/actresses haha. They had a skit where they're looking for "Maggie" a missing animal. There was a scream or two that came with it but everyone lost it when they finally found Maggie...

they asked the people sitting in front of us to stand up

there you are!!!

maggie is a huge huge huge snake.  Of course she is. hehe

hello there gorgeous! panic lng sila sa likod oh. haha

then they called a random "macho" man onstage to do um that. Macho ah.

It was a pretty fun and educational show so go watch it if you're there! We then headed to the tram station for the tour...

We weren't able to take photos coz it was so dark and I don't know how to use my Lumix for that kind of setting. We were able to take a few shots but that's it. Lol. It's amazing seeing the animals in person. Mich even said, "Parang postcard!". It's sad though that most of them are already near extinction. Some of them are the last of their kinds. We feel so lucky to have seen them! The ride lasted for 30 minutes. Afterwards, Mich and I did the walking trail tour. If you're afraid of the dark, then this is not for you. Lol.

the witch of the naracoorte cave. asa peg lng haha

this is on the roof. looove.

papaka lara croft lang


tomb raider?

indiana jones?



Suspension Bridge--and some russian guys had to jump&down to make it sway. Good job. Haha.

cute resto in the middle of the jungle called Z-bar!:) I want those chairs!

i usually hate toilets but this is just too cute. for mini mini people aka kids!

love the CR--so clean:)

leopard's ass. funniest ever. tamad lng ni kuya!

Emo kuya???. parang carpet noh?

Okay, so the only animal that seriously scared me are the hyenas. It's a little terrifying passing by their habitat coz it's not fenced, they're pretty huge, they stare when you pass by (as in they get up pa and follow you til you're out of their sight), and knowing that a slight something could make them snap and pounce at you. Kapraning lang! All the other animals are dedma lang. Hehe.

We left at around 11:30pm. We skipped eating dinner there coz the food are overpriced! There were no trains anymore, so we just took the bus back to the city for 4 sgd each. We got a little lost and ended up walking for miles! It's a good thing that Singapore is really conducive for walking or else I might be dead now. I wasn't able to work that night coz I passed out as soon as we got home. Here's the last photo Mich took of me...

all mine. bwahaha.

Last SG post later plus some giveaways (just waiting for the brands' go signal)! Have to go and take a nap, still have to pickup dresses from designers later. It's official--I'm so back. Hello again sleepless nights.


  1. I am in love with that top! <3 All the food pictures are making me hungry haha


  2. OMG, that cave is stunning. would love to go there too and just like you, pretend that i'm as gorgeous as angelina jolie and be lara croft for a second haha!

    that zoo themed restaurant reminded me of this "Toilet themed" restaurant in HK. LOL. so funny :)


  3. love your outfit!


  4. I love these photos! you look so cute! i adore your fringe.

    I had almost the same, but now it's terrible.

    How often do you cut yours?

    BTW, I’m your big fan – your style is really original and I read your blog very often and I just wonder..if we could follow each other.. But even if your answer is “no” I’ll be still your reader ♥



  5. the pics came out great! i love your black sheer to[p it looks great on you! :)


  6. super bet ko ang top! kamusta naman ang ahas at ang leopard? haha!

  7. teehee the sleeves on that top are great! Love them!

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