Actually, Actually

This is the last of my SG posts. We just spent the day doing last minute shopping and bonding with friends. :) Outfit shots all over, woohoo. Thanks Mich!

shirt-G200, skirt-bloggers closet, sneakers-Rubi, bag-from Malaysia

Our first stop was the Actually, Actually store on Purvis St. Went there to check on the JC's for Kookie. Prepare to drool my fellow shoeholics. Haha.

shoes on super sale

WTF pose
pink shoes--rad!!! (sorry for the WTF face)

 i crushhhh.

lovely Raffles Hotel:)

We then headed to Fareast Plaza, Orchard to check out the cheap goods there. My verdict? Go there for cheap bags, shoes and accs!!!:) For clothes, just stick with Bugis market. :)

 shopping in an accs store--picture taking is strictly prohibited! hehe
my loots

We then went to Ion mall to check out Bobbi Brown (to compare the price of their spot corrector--same as ours) and also dropped by Sephora (Charles! can't find your bilin!). I was planning to buy a face brush, eye primer and finishing powder but they're so expensive and I was on a tight budget so I just decided to buy them here in Manila instead. Also went to Forever 21 and didn't like anything. So we just looked for a good place with good food for dinner--Popeye's!!!

Oh how I miss you Popeye's!!! :) They have several branches here in Manila before but they suddenly disappeared. I think they have the best chicken evuuur! At par with Sunburst of Cebu! And I'm addicted to their biscuits. Yum. Oh, and in SG they don't serve rice--bummer.

YUPPPP! hahaha

We then headed back to the apartment for some late night bonding with friends. I love this bunch:) Bought 6 huge bottles of Tiger Beer and we finished them all--just the 3 of us (Mich and my other friend Taks hates beer hehe). I love that I didn't feel super weird or I didn't feel like vomiting after. Best part? No hangovers! Haha. (photos taken using an ipod touch--so yeah it's crappy hehe).

WTF again
mich, mavi, me, taks, cecille:)
talking about life, plans, dreams, love :) the city and us:)

I'm still dreaming of SG. I think Mich might be missing it the most coz she's down with a  fever for 3 days now! SG sick? How do we miss thee? Let us count the ways...

chinese burger + milk tea = meal staples hehe

safe, clean long walks

the organized and stress-free bus rides (second to their amazing train system)

and yes, our daily dose of Koi's green tea macchiato.

But even though I was immediately greeted by greedy cab drivers on my first day back here, I still love my hometown. And I still feel blessed with all the opportunities I have here. :) Anwyay, need to go now and play nurse! I also need to recharge since I have a packed pullout day tomorrow. My blog friend Gizelle asked me how I get to do so many things at once, I answered, "I just try not to die and starve to death". Have a great week!


  1. adorable skirt! looks like your trip was so fun much! :) love your buys!


  2. lol sis! it's ok i think it's alr OOS! waaah! nevahmind a friend is coming over and she's lookin for other sephora outlets, hope she finds it yay! happy u had a blast in SG. tell Mich to get well! xox

  3. crushing on the heels behind you Aisa! haha! Like how much are they?

  4. ahhh SG.. i love everything about it! love your travel outfit :)

  5. it was fun :) i do miss the girls and the macchiato. hehehe.. but i love being home too.

  6. The print of that skirt is so great!! It's perfect for summer. Nice photos

    Live Life in Style

  7. ang cute ng skirt plus sneakers match up! everyone's getting sick, hope she feels better soon! =)

  8. I want those shoes!!!! Huhuhu!

  9. I love the skirt :D

    Follow me, if you still aren't ;)
    Have a fashionable day! <3
    IT *


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