Permed + Shoes

Today is the day that I've been waiting for--my very 1st digiperm! Hehe. I've had my hair permed before but by cold perm, so I was quite excited to try it. I got it at a discount as well through awesome.ph. I had to run to Azta just to make it in time for my appointment (I missed my appointment last week because of a shoot). I planned to take a lot of photos but when I took out my camera I found out I forgot my battery--major fail! So please bear with my sucky camera phone. Hehe.

shampooed and ready

It took almost 5 hours but it was all worth it. I love my new hair!:)

Also got some new stuff c/o Bench (including all brands under their umbrella)! Will post features soon. :) But for now...

cute mens shirt from CPS I got for P1295

Aldo watch! P1495

So excited to take my new babies out for a spin as well...
from Chickflick

bought this from Chilli Margarita via ebay:) 

Also, tomorrow is my flight to Singapore. Can't hardly wait!:) Love love.


  1. congrats on your new hair sis! ind ba nangawit batok mo sa bigat ng rollers? hehe :)

  2. yay, congrats! you finally made it to your appiontment, haha! you look great, Aisa. :D

    have fun in Singapore!

    boat ride through the sky

  3. I love the chili margarita booties. How much is it? :)

  4. love the new hair! and the t-shirt is so cool!! xxx

  5. Girl, you're on f21's blog ah. Fashion face-off, here's the link if you're not aware of it. :)

    Yay!!! :)

  6. great hair :) i just want to ask if those chilli margarita shoes are comfy to wear? ...thanks :)

  7. Hangkyut mo lang! Fabulous fashion loot!


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