Back to my old love: Singapore Chronicles

So I'm back for a 10-day vacay/change of environment and I really wish I could stay here semi-forever. Hehe. I love it here--as I've said and will say over and over again. Mich was sent here by Friendster for a 2-week training and I tagged along. She got here a few days ahead though coz I had to finish some shoots first. Anyway,  I'm currently in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for a weekend getaway with Mich! Will post photos tomorrow. For the meantime, here are photos from Friday starting with some outfit shots!:)

 shirt- c/o CPS Chaps, shorts-c/o Human, watch- c/o Aldo boots-Chilli Margarita, bag-c/o Manels

So, I wore my new favorite shirt from CPS Chaps (a Thai clothing brand under Bench) and my new Human shorts. I think they look perfect together. So rock & roll. Heee. Also, some of you asked where I got my new boots--they're from Chilli Margarita. You can buy them via ebay or their via multiply. They're pretty neat and comfy for just P1,200+.

I flew via Jetstar and it was one of the most horrific plane rides in my entire life. There was a turbulence that lasted for an hour! I was so scared I kept on praying and saying "I will not die today!". When it kept on going I then changed my prayer to, "if I die please make it painless and quick". Hehe! I thought the plane would rip in half. Lol.

Upon arrival, I took the train to Chinatown and met up with Mich (who took a quick break just to help me settle in their company apartment). The place was super nice. And I love that it's free. Haha.

 view from our room's window. loveee.
sorry for the mess
 bonggang living room

 view from the outside (taken while I waiting for the elevator)

Mich had to leave coz she still has work, so I decided to just go downstairs and buy some food. I love that the apartment is situated in the middle of malls and chinatown market! I will never go hungry. Hehe.

 food stalls

bought my lunch here.:) Rice meal + 2 viands for 4sgd.

 of course I had to buy some milk tea

 late lunch.

I was still taking a nap when Mich and his officemate/housemate arrived. We then headed out for a quick dinner at Food Republic, Vivo City (just 2 stations away).

with Joseph

 Roti! So goood. I ordered the one with cheese+onion inside. Love it with the curry soup! Only 2sgd
our dinner:)

nagaadik with my new toy--its so hard to be non-techie!

We passed by the grocery store to buy some food (so we could also save). I hoarded on rice cakes/buns. Aylavet. Also, I feel bad for not bringing my toothbrush! Bought one for P180 and that's already the cheapest. Burn.

microwavable food. Haha

So that's it for now. Will post more tomorrow! I'm loving Malaysia too! Oh Pinas, why can't we have nice buses, trains and taxis too? Ciao!

P.S. I was featured on Forever 21's blog! *Kilig* Thank you so so so much:)

...you can vote (or not) for my look HERE. Thank you & kisses!:)


  1. Pax I love the way you blog. Very detailed and always with a funny anecdote. Thank God you arrived safely there. That turbulence is scaary


  2. aylavet. as if am also wif u sis. ask me anything on twitter! u shud have bought $2 toothbrush at Daiso, Vivo just beside food republic.

    eat the banana prata! and godzilla milo drink, fab combi!! enjoyhohoy :))

  3. beautiful apartment! especially the living room, bongga nga! enjoy your stay! =)

  4. I love the boots! Enjoy your trip Pax! <3

    sPam of frou-frou

  5. puro pagkain kagutommmm! =) Don't stay there forever we need you here! =)

  6. congrats on the feature, your outfit is adorable!:)



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